Having Effective Engraving on Your Trophies and Plaques


Having the right engraving on your trophies and plaques is as important as using the right materials and incorporating a beautiful design. Even if you are on a low budget and are looking to use an inexpensive trophy or plaque, effective engraving can make up the difference. The engraving on the trophy indicates what it is for, and to make an effective engraving, one should use good graphic design. For example, the design of a corporate award will be very different from one for a sporting event. There are different ways to create an engraving with technologies such as laser engraving and printing, all of which can create logos, different fonts, or images. It is important to work with awards companies with qualified graphic designers who will fulfill your engraving and personalization needs effectively.


Trophies and Plaques

Corporate trophies and plaques

Corporate awards are usually used to celebrate significant contributions to a company. These contributions could range from achieving sales targets to more general things like leadership and teamwork. Trophies and plaques used for such ceremonies should be reflective of the company’s brand and values and why it is being awarded. The easiest way to include the company in the graving is by incorporating its logo. If the trophy/plaque is acrylic or crystal, it can be engraved using laser technology. If there is text in the company’s logo, then this same font should be used in the rest of the text on the award. But, if so wished, a different font can be picked as well, but this must be done carefully. The next thing to consider is the layout and the size of the font. The physical dimensions of the award must be considered so that the overall effect is not odd. For example, trophies with angles or curves will look nicer if the text follows these patterns. It is important to make sure that the recipient’s name is clearly mentioned along with any other messages that would be appropriate. The layout should also be well balanced and gives off a professional look.


Sports and personal trophies and plaques

Because these awards are generally less formal, it is okay to make them more flashy and flamboyant than corporate awards. Sports awards should have the winning team’s colors incorporated in the materials used and the engraving to make the award extremely personalized. Additionally, images and photographs can also be put on the trophy or plaque using laser printing technologies. Presenting an award with an image of the winning team in it is a great way to personalize the event. If the image is being engraved, it needs to be converted into a watermark, and if it is being engraved, it should be converted into a half-tone image. Before you ask for this to be done, however, it is important to ensure that the person undertaking the job can retain the detail and clarity of the picture. Great engraving allows you to add character and a personal touch to an award and therefore reflect what it stands for effectively.