The Modern Real Estate Lawyer has many Functions


Before making any transaction of property, it is very important to consult a real estate lawyer. Whether you are buying, selling or making a new investment, specialized attorneys make sure that everyone is clear and covered on all legal levels.

There are differences between a commercial and a residential attorney. Although both deal with real estate transactions, but the scope and complexity vary significantly. Real estate Lawyers who specialize in commercial field have a much different role to play.

In the commercial area, the attorney dealing with these land transactions handles the negotiation of contracts, drafting and reviewing them, analyzing complex financial documents and advising clients on sustainability. It includes both the short and long term aspects of the property.

Apart from reviewing and making sure that the contractual and financial aspects are well and good, the commercial attorney also negotiates with the contractors who will be performing the work. They make sure that all the necessary permits and licenses are duly procured from the respective local authorities and that all zoning and insurance requirements are met. If need be, these lawyers are also capable of appearing before any legal body on behalf of their client if the contract is breached Graet Intelligence.


On the other hand, a lawyer dealing in residential area focuses on representing their buyer or seller in a home purchase procedure. The ultimate objective is to ensure complete satisfaction of their client. However, the responsibilities do differ on the basis of the client being a buyer or a seller.

When representing a seller, the attorney has to make sure that everything is in proper order. All closing documents are to be prepared and arranged. All issues regarding the title are cleared by the attorney along with attending the closing on behalf of the client, advise on signing papers and dealing with escrows.

A buyer’s counselor performs similar functions as that of a seller’s attorney. Along with managing all the required documents, this attorney also deals with mortgage and loan related matters. The attorney makes sure that all required changes have been performed and that the title insurance is in good position.

Nevertheless, many complex and complicated functions are performed by a real estate lawyer to make sure that the dealing of property is appropriate and as per the client’s satisfaction. Ball & Berljawsky provide such assistance which is apt to deal with all the concerns in field of real estate in 21st century.