Nokia 2 overview


Nokia’s cell phone range doesn’t mess approximately with complicated names. The better the range, the higher the smartphone is.

 Nokia 2

The Nokia 2 isn’t an excessive-stop telephone then, simply one rung above the maximum simple model. However, it still expenses $99.Ninety-nine (£99.Ninety nine, AU$one hundred fifteen). We have a proper to assume a decent revel in.

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We’re absolutely k with the idea of less expensive telephones with fundamental specs; however, the Nokia 2’s dismal performance makes it a pain to use. It is just too gradual, even given the fee. That said, there are some exact points to be discovered right here.

Nokia 2 launch date and fee

Out now

It costs $99.99 (£ ninety-nine. Ninety-nine, AU$one hundred fifteen). The Nokia 2 is out now, and expenses are $99.99 (£ ninety-nine. 99, AU$115). It isn’t always quite the most inexpensive telephone going, but it is a cellular you may purchase SIM-unfastened without decimating your monthly budget unmarried-exceeded.

HMD Global (the agency at the back of current Nokia phones) plans to release a Nokia 1 later this yr for $79.99 (£ seventy-nine. 99, around AU$a hundred forty-five). It has a barely smaller display screen and might provide better day-to-day overall performance as it has the Android One Go working system in place of ‘complete’ Android.

Key capabilities

 Nokia 2 overview
A huge, long-lasting battery Metal Sides

The Nokia 2 is a basic telephone for folks who need something that does not value loads SIM-unfastened or comes ‘unfastened’ on a low-cost agreement.

There are a few neat components to this smartphone, even though. It has metal aspects instead of a pure plastic body, and the display is notably brilliant for an extremely low-end version. The Nokia 2’s battery is likewise big at 4,100mAh, letting it out survive any big-call cellphone in this class.

A Snapdragon 212 chipset and 1GB of RAM aren’t going to affect everybody, even though, along with the little green guy who lives internal Android.

The cameras are fundamental too, with a lot worse photograph best than the Moto G5, and that cell phone isn’t always dramatically more pricey these days.


Nokia 2

  • Plastic detachable rear, aluminum facets
  • Chunkier than some, but pretty small
  • No water resistance

The Nokia 2 seems like a relative of Nokia’s vintage Lumia telephones. It has a pull-off plastic battery cowl, curved to experience suitable, but the sides are anodized aluminum in place of plastic.

Some telephones with metal sides manipulate to feel pretty excessive-give up despite plastic rears. The Nokia 2 doesn’t, because of the plastic’s curve and that you can sense there’s a moderate air hole below the battery cover. It would not have the eye-catching density of a unibody design.

However, considering the fee, we are satisfied with the Nokia 2’s build. Pull off the lower back, and you will see the battery is locked beneath a steel plate. We’re long beyond the days of complaining approximately not being capable of manually update batteries, though, and this need to assist avoid shorting the mobile out if the smartphone receives moisture.

The Nokia 2 has no water resistance, even though. There are no rubber seals everywhere. One high-quality point is that the Nokia 2 does not appear particularly heavy or fat, although it has a huge battery. It’s nine.3mm thick and 161g, so it is empirically quite chunky; however, it hides this properly.

Metal edges aside, there’s nothing fancy to the Nokia 2’s hardware. It makes use of an unexpectedly-getting old micro USB fee socket, and there is no fingerprint scanner. We’re so used to rear scanners in Android telephones; a finger has numerous times reached for that non-existent panel.

  • Screen
  • Good color for a cheap phone
  • The limited resolution is now not a large deal
  • Gorilla Glass protection
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The Nokia 2’s display screen is one of its stronger factors, even though it would not sound that properly at all on paper. It’s 5 inches across and has a decision of just 720p. The Moto G5 and Huawei P10 Lite each have 1080p displays. It’s not a large issue, though. 720p still seems fairly sharp at this size, and apparent pixelation is best obvious in small fonts.

Color and assessment are remarkably exact, giving the Nokia 2’s show a rich and strong look. There’s no customization of the shade profile, but it seems flawlessly nice as-is.

HMD Global hasn’t skimped an excessive amount of safety either. A pane of Gorilla Glass 3 sits on the screen. It’s not the state-of-the-art model of this toughened glass but will still maintain scratches away in case you treat the phone fairly well. As you’d hope, there is an automobile brightness putting, and it really works pretty nicely.