5 Important Questions to Ask Your Moving Company


Moving to a new place is fun and exciting but a bit stressful at the same time. There are many decisions to be taken within a short duration – deciding your moving date, the things that must be taken with you, and what all to be donated. The hardest part comes when you have to pick a moving company.

Moving Company

With hundreds of movers and packers operating in your city and nearby areas, there seems to be no shortage of such service providers. But, here lies the concern – determining which moving company is appropriate for your situation.

Well, it isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Just by asking a few questions, you can hunt down a company that best fits your needs. Take a read through the following –

Q1: How long have you been a part of the moving industry?

This is one of the important factors determining the reliability of services provided by the moving company. A moving company serving its clients for several years is better than an amateur company. An experienced company understands the precious value of personal belongings for its clients and assures relocation of everything safely and soundly.

So, while searching for moving companies, always look for a company with a well-established presence in the market and has attained a great reputation among its clients.

Q2: Do you carry the necessary credentials and licenses?

For any moving company to operate in the community, there are a set of credentials and mandate licenses that it should be holding. These licenses indicate that the company staff have undergone formal training and possess the desired skills for lifting and moving things safely without causing any damage or harm to people around.

Moreover, it proves that the company abides by all the standards laid by the law and carries out ethical business practices in the industry.

Q3: What will be the overall cost of moving?

This is undoubtedly the most important factor affecting your choice of moving company. The relocation costs vary from local to interstate moving as the complications are more when moving to a new city. In addition, if the moving involves stairs or great heights, the costs may be higher.

So, when you contact a moving company, make sure you take a detailed estimation of costs to avoid getting surprised later.

Q4: What kind of liability coverage or insurance does your company provide?

Before handing over your precious things to the moving company, you should ensure that it takes complete responsibility for damage that happens to your stuff while lifting or transporting.

A reliable company would provide you with multiple types of insurance or liability coverage. So, to have a carefree moving process, ask for proof of insurance from the company.

Q5: What kind of tools and equipment will you use for my specific type of move?

Asking this question may seem a bit awkward, but it surely carries subtle importance for efficiently relocating your valuable stuff to your destination. Usually, professional moving companies are equipped with specialized tools and machines to lift different things, from lightest to heaviest. Their equipment is designed in such a way that it can handle even the toughest of furniture safely.

So, asking how exactly your things will be packed, lifted, and transported to your destination will have you rest assured and let you concentrate on other aspects of relocating.