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The Survival of Computer Gaming

The Survival of Computer Gaming

Our industry is demise. We all realize that the so-called “Next Generation” consoles are riding our cherished PCs out of the market. I could list the motives why this is happening…I should even record why it should not be happening; however, to those interested in studying this, I recognize that you’re already intimately acquainted with our catch-22 situation.

 GamingIt has crept upon us. Honestly, there have been some wonderful PC video games launched over the last couple of years that have happy my gaming needs; however, a few days in the past, I had a rude awakening into this new international of “console simplest” video games that have unleashed a beast inside of me. As a side note, I should say that I haven’t any problem with the Xbox 360, the PS2, or the Wii, apart from the fact that they’re killing the enterprise that I love…The industry that I grew up with. Anyways, again, to my impolite awakening. Many of you have heard approximately LucasArt’s new identity, “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed,” released this fall. Many of you’ve also heard that it won’t be released for the PC. Not now, now, not ever. Judging from the trailers and the new generation that has gone into this sport, it looks like it’d be addictingly amusing and will likely also be my preferred over the 12 months. However, in step with the game manufacturers, the PC market isn’t always solid enough for this title. In other words, there are not sufficient humans obtainable with computers that would be able to manage the game. (Ironically enough, it is being released on the Nintendo DS and the Wii, neither of which are high-performing gaming systems.)

What has occurred? I’ve been gambling Star Wars games on the PC for over ten years, lower back when the X-Wing collection and “Rogue Squadron” had been just coming out. And now LucasArts may not even port their foremost launch to the PC for their most dependable fanatics? The state of affairs is terrible and is going to get much worse. After all, that is simply one of the many video games excluded from the PC already. So, is it time for PC gaming to grow to be extinct? Should we give up our fully customizable gaming structures and surrender to the standardized designs familiar with corporate stooges? I say NO!!!


But what’s going to it take to survive in this industry? How can we regain our prowess within the international of video games? We have to be smart. We can now not rely upon our superior numbers to guarantee acknowledgment and preferential treatment in the biz, so we have to rely upon our superior brainpower to win this war (That’s proper console lovers…I said it…We are smarter than you). We can now not depend on unorganized petitions that half of us may not even see. What Should We Do?!?!


We need to get organized. We need to remember that we’re an incredibly marketable area of interest institution of people that should be catered to by sports improvement agencies. Let’s face it: laptop game enthusiasts are typically pretty nerdy…I’m guessing there may be now not one of us who could not install a simple internet site if want me, not one people who aren’t performing some critical online browsing each day, no longer one of us who wouldn’t like to paintings for Tom’s Hardware full-time, and the list goes on. Yes, there are only some hundred thousand people, and compared to the hundreds of thousands of console gamers accessible, it’s pretty hard for us to get attention nowadays. But we’re all curious about the identical factor: Computer hardware and video games, and as a unified network, we could grow to be very effective again. Remember, 500,000 gamers instances $40 equals $ 20 million, lots enough to make some quite superb games.

So right here are some thoughts on what the PC gaming industry needs:

Survival Gaming

A database of all the PC game enthusiasts within the international and the systems they have. A properly maintained forum to speak about essential occasions and plans: elected leaders assault people who deny us. A website committed to keeping PC gamers informed on industry news. Polls to decide which games we will assist and which we can protest. An organization of ninjas to kill console game enthusiasts. Ok, perhaps not that one. However maybe. The Movement has been started.

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