The Unbelievable Feats of a Small Two-Wheeler Mechanic from Cooch Behar


“What are you waiting for, Opportunity.”

Cooch Behar

Bishwajit of Cooch Behar, a small district in West Bengal, had big dreams. Unfortunately for some people, dreaming big isn’t an option due to a lack of resources. Bishwajit knew this, but his vision to convert his small two-wheeler repair shop into the town’s biggest mechanic didn’t budge. Bishwajit had skills but couldn’t rise above poverty. His shop being in a small town didn’t help the cause either. But he was determined. One good night when he was working late, a man came to his shop with his broken car. The engine was making too much noise. Bishwajit looked at it and told him what was wrong with the car, but he didn’t try to fix it.

He knew that the car must be more expensive than his entire shop, and being a two-wheeler mechanic, he shouldn’t touch it. But the owner insisted he fix it as no other shop in the town was open. He tried to reason with the owner but ultimately caved in. It took him two hours to temporarily fix the car. “Sir, I’ve fixed it for the time being. But get your engine belt changed first thing tomorrow.” “Thank you, young man. How much do I owe you?” “100 rupees, sir.”

“That’s it? For a two-hour work?”

“I didn’t have to replace any part of your car, sir. Moreover, it’s just a temporary fix.” “If you say so. Out of curiosity, all the shops in the town are closed. Why are you still open?” “I like it here. I like working on engines. The more I work on it, the better I’ll become.” “Do you want to do this your whole life?” “Yes, sir. I do. But of course, I would like to expand.” “What are you waiting for?” “Opportunity.”

“I have a car showroom in Kolkata. You seem like a skilled mechanic; I could use you there.” “Thank you for the offer, sir. But I’m happy here. My only goal is to expand my shop and make it the biggest shop in the whole district.”

“Whatever you’re earning here, I’ll double it. You would get a place to stay and two meals from the company’s side. Plus, free life insurance for you. It will take care of your family after you. In this uncertain life, life insurance is quite important.”

“Sir, I appreciate the offer, but I’ll have to pass. I love doing what I do and would want to own a big business of mine someday. The dream might never come true if I leave the shop and start working for you.”

“Where do you see yourself in the future?” asked the man. “Offering a young man money and insurance and asking him to come work for me,” Bishwajit replied cheekily. “Do you think this town has enough business to run a full-fledged workshop?”

“Sir, the town is near Gangtok and Guwahati. Both places are a hub for tourists and business people. They travel via Cooch Behar, and the road condition often forces them to visit a mechanic. But we don’t have a good automobile repair shop here. No mechanic is equipped enough to repair these luxury cars. We have the business but don’t have resources.” “I might be able to help you here.” “How’s that, sir?”

“You have both skills and business sense. I have landed here. We can set up a workshop. I can provide you with money and space; you will be responsible for setting up a skilled team and running the workshop.” “This is very generous of you, sir. But why do you want to help me?”

“Consider it an investment. You would be free to run the shop as you like, but you and your team would be salaried employees. The profit would be my company’s until I get my invested money back. After that, we can fix some percentage of profit for you. What do you think?” “Is life insurance still on the table?” “Of course. Life insurance for employees and health insurance for them and their families.” “It’s a deal, sir.” “Call me Mr. Tata. Ratan Tata is the name.” When opportunity knocks, make sure you answer the door! Four months later, the workshop was set, and Mr. Tata himself inaugurated it.

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