Tips To Make Money Through Efficient SEO Techniques


Many internet marketers think SEO tips are nothing but a tutorial to get quality and varied backlinks. Unfortunately for many of these internet marketers, they will spend a huge amount of money on getting backlinks to help their websites to rank and generate money.

Efficient SEO Techniques

You can’t get your website to rank high in the SERPs without learning proper SEO tips. Moreover, if your website is properly optimized, you will have little need for massive backlinks, as a few well-placed backlinks will do.

But, I still don’t know why do so many internet marketers avoid learning proper SEO? Is it just because of their laziness since anyone can find a backlinking service, software, or gimmick? Is it due to this idea that Google experts are PhDs? I truly don’t understand why SEO is so intimidating to others, and why can people become webmasters and use SEO like any other technique?

The answers to the above questions vary, but it boils down to the fact that buying more links is a lot easier than trying to learn effective SEO tips, with varying algorithms and an endless roll of new products.


A countless attempts to get into the detail of creative SEO strategies that they believe will bring their websites to that coveted number one spot on the major search engines. You might also be doing the same thing. The problem gets even more intense and annoying when your website gets closer to the top spot, but not quite there.

If you are still struggling to get your website at the top of the major search engines, you can use certain tips to surge the ranking of your website.

1. Look At What The Competition Has Done and Create Better SEO Strategies

If you think that other websites have a better ranking than yours and possibly make their owners more money, they must have optimized their on-page SEO techniques. The best thing in SEO is that you can easily find the methods adopted by the competitors to get to the top. You can check the page titles, descriptions, meta tags, and other things they have used.

2. Go for Double Ranking of Your Keyword(s)

You have to go for a double ranking of the keywords that you want to rank in the search engines. When you search the keywords in double commas, you will see at least two SERP pages. You can place reciprocal links on them to make them optimized.

3. Be Very Aware of Your Best Backlink Sources

You also have to check who provides the best links with that particular keyword you are trying to rank for. You need to know where you are getting link juice from so that you can up the ante.

If you are unsure whether or not your links will be strong enough to benefit your website, you can use various tools such as Inkscape to calculate the MozRank. This can really improve the rankings of your website.