What Makes Violet Official February Birthday Bouquet?


Roses usually dominate February to honor Valentine’s Day, which is a day of romance. However, that doesn’t overshadow the bold hue of violet. This intricate flowering plant is the formal birthday flower for those who were born in February.

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We have researched and compiled some critical things you should understand about this beautiful flowering plant. Browse down to read more about the February birthday bouquet: the violet. You can also visit this page for more info.

1. True Meaning

Violet flowers represent loyalty and truth while also showing a sense of humility, modesty, and spiritual wisdom. This sweet blooming plant derives its name from its traditional purple petals. However, these flowers exist in yellow, white, and blue. The purple flowers also mean “I will always be true.” The white bouquet means “taking a chance” there are more than 500 species of violet.

With their bold colors and intricate petals, the violet blooms have been used by traditional herbalists thanks to their healing properties. Also, violet is a formal flower in Rhode Island, New Jersey, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

2. Celebratory Blooms

If you celebrate your birthday in February or have friends who celebrate their birthday this month, gift them a violet birthday bouquet. And because violet is a flowering plant, this present will keep on giving. When you gift them this bloom, they can plant it in their garden, and it will be blooming every year. The lovely violet trio arrangement is the best choice, as each bloom comes entirely with a pot of soil, so it takes you minimal time to transplant it to your garden.

Suppose they don’t have a lucky thumb, no need for worries. Some portion of the present could be to aid them to plant and take care of the violet. Alternatively, you can gift them a different gift that is a representation of their birthday flower bouquet. Bath bombs, candles, and body lotions with violet scents will give a perfect gift to your friends celebrating in February. In other words, any present with amethyst will send the same message sent by a gift of the violet flower. And if you celebrate your birthday in February, consider us, and we will treat you to a customized violet birthday bouquet.

3. Birthday Decoration

Along with violet-scented presents or the violet plant, a birthday plant decorated with flowers is the best way to rock your February birthday. Also, a couple of people are very fascinated by the purple color. This has made things easy as these flowers’ ready availability worldwide makes them easy to find whenever you need them.

If you celebrate your birthday in February, you celebrate this ceremonial month with the other big names such as Steve Jobs, Emma Roberts, Yoko Ono, Aniston, and Drew Barrymore.