The Reign Of The Female TV Lead: Wear Your Blue Blockers With Confidence


What’s up with female lead characters that showcase a thrill of money to deplore out to their peasant friends? People will binge-watch shows such as Gossip Girl, where the renowned Blair Waldorf walks the street as the queen B that she is known to be. She will quickly swipe her credit card and have her whole closet revamped with a chauffeur and bellman to follow suit. We’ve all lusted over Alison Di Laurentis in Pretty Little Liars, who is so scary and powerful in her own right despite her supposed death. These women have a way of being mean, expressing how they feel, and being completely comfortable with themselves without considering what others think. Perhaps society’s love for watching these shows indicates our resilience in not handling free enough to be ourselves. Instead, women are told to speak kindly, be sensitive, or become ostracized in society. Why does it have to be this way, we ponder?

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Go After What You Believe You Deserve

Blair Waldorf doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her. She decided when to start and end trends—everything goes by her schedule. So when she began to wear cat-eye blue blockers’ eyeglasses to school, everyone followed suit. The next day, she had no eyeglasses simply because she followed her desires’ ebbs and flows. You cannot always worry about coming across as the nice girl who will get pushed around by others. Ask for what you believe you deserve, wholeheartedly believe the fire in you and confidently raise the stakes for yourself one step at a time.

Adopting A Me Attitude Goes Against The Grain

Women are socialized to be the nurturers the caregivers to others in their lives. The man of the house is always put first. Women are told that they must always put themselves last. These television characters show us that you can put yourself first when looking good and treating yourself well. You have the funds to decide what you want to do with your weekend boldly—whether it be a weekend getaway to Paris or a masquerade party hosted in your ballroom. These eccentric qualities can be translated to the everyday Jane Doe. Wear what you believe in—wear those aviator heels with those blue blockers and a fur coat, or the dress that shows too much skin. Sometimes you deserve to put yourself first for your sanity. Stay true to who you are, and walk the talk you boldly put forth.