6 Steps For Effective Gun Cleaning


If you own a gun or know someone who owns a gun, you definitely know that there are certain steps that you should take during the cleaning process so that you and others around you do not get hurt. Listed below are the six most basic steps you must take-


  1. Whenever you clean your gun, you must make sure that it is unloaded and pointed in a direction away from yourself and the people around you. While this may seem to be an obvious step, there is no harm in double-checking.
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  2. The second step of the cleaning process involves taking apart the gun, one piece at a time. Whether cleaning the gun for the first time or the hundredth, you must keep track of every part of the gun that you disassemble. If you lose any parts, you may be unable to use the gun again or, even worse, cause it to malfunction. This could result in hazardous consequences. Here is a simple two-step process you can follow to disassemble your gun- first, remove the wooden part where you hold the gun known as the forestock. Then, unhinge the barrels from the gun but do not let them fall out of your hands.
  3. Use a solvent to clean the gun. Make sure to reach into the depths of your gun and every nook and cranny by using a rod swabbed in a cloth of solvent. Alternately, you could pass a cloth through the longer parts of the gun like the barrels repeatedly until the cloth is no longer pulling out dirt.
  4. Once you apply the solvent to all parts of the gun, make sure to wipe each part of the gun with a dry cloth. Not doing this could result in your firearm being damaged because of the wet solvent.
  5. Following the cleaning step with solvent, it is important to lubricate the gun with oil or a lubricant. Once you ensure that your gun is constantly lubricated, your firearm will last longer and with less damage.
  6. The last and final step is to reassemble the gun carefully and in order of the parts that you disassembled. Like you disassembled it, you reassemble by holding the receiver of the gun horizontal first. Then, you slide the barrels onto the receiver at a forty-five-degree angle until you hear a click. Then, slide the forestock into place and ensure to close the latch that is on it. Once you are done reassembling the weapon, carefully check to see whether it is working properly or not. Check to see whether the gun has excessive oil in any of the parts and if there is, make sure that you remove it so that the parts are not damaged.

If you follow all of these steps, you will use your gun safely for many years. Ensure that you seek the help of an expert if you think it’s necessary!