Why People Like To Use Hike Than WhatsApp


The hike became an unexpected strike amongst youngsters. This messaging app, available free of cost, topped various charts in a small interval of time with its awesome marketing and promotions. The main reason for the achievement of the Hike is that you can make invitations to your contacts and acquire paid for each contact, which unites following your invitation.


Persons can further utilize their earned cash to recharge their mobile. Is not it an immense option, a messaging app that pays back? In fact, there are so many other reasons why people prefer to use Hike than WhatsApp, mentioned below:


1. Control last seen

This App Download has superior privacy options as compared to any other messaging app. With it, you can leverage who sees the last seen. Of course, this attribute was much appealed to by consumers and was met by Hike App. People who do not get familiar with what ‘Last Seen’ inform you when your contact was previously online on this AppStore.

2. Offline messaging

Offline messaging is the best thing about this app. With it, users can send Hike to Hike messages. But what the difference is, among other apps as others also provide this option. With Hike, you can do this completely free of cost. You can even send messages to those friends or contacts, which are not available on the Hike.

3. Sending files of different formats

Have you ever been in a condition when you need to instantly files such as PDF, Zip, word document, or many others, to anyone, but feeling indolent to open your email, then there is no need to worry at all. Whilst Whatsapp Android supports media formats such as contacts, videos, images. While on the other hand, Hike supports almost all formats; you can mail whatever you wish to do with the help of the chat option. In fact, this is an interesting and awesome feature. With this feature, you do not need to use the email client to transfer such files.

4. Inviting contacts or friends for money

With this app, you can make invitations to limitless contacts by sending an SMS message free of cost and for every contact, which unites after you invite. The Android App asks you for a small amount of money. Once you reach your threshold money limit, you can convert the money in the form of your mobile recharge that can be done instantly. Hence, keep requesting and earning huge amounts of money; when you have removed your initial recharge, the threshold limit will be eliminated, and you can recharge when someone joins this messaging app. This is also a wonderful feature. This eliminates the need for buying a recharge coupon again and again.

5. Themes and stickers

Customization is another feature that makes Hike different from other apps. While Whatsapp provides Wallpaper and Emoji change, this messaging app, along with Emoji, provides stickers. You will see that there are plethoras of sticker packages accessible to download free of cost. Hike also provides a chance to change chat background.