Silver makes beautiful and intricate jewelry. An expert jeweler knows the nitty-gritty of shaping this metal into a fabulous piece of jewelry. The effects of this metal are stunning, and many people prefer wearing them instead of gold or platinum. However, with all good comes a little wrong; buying silver jewelry is not easy; you should be careful and not get duped, especially when buying silver jewelry online. Here are a few tips that will help you select the right piece of silver jewelry for yourself.



You must not fall for too low at high prices; you should learn it by heart before buying silver jewelry. Like you are alert and aware while purchasing gold jewelry, you should equally be careful while purchasing silver. All those who are trying to dupe you take advantage of such vulnerable situations. Customer ignorance is one such unsafe situation that these fake sellers take advantage of. Classic sterling silver is not going to be cheap. In case you come across one, then it sure is a fake one. Search the internet, visit silver jewelry shops to check the market price; this will help you compare the prices of different sellers. Verify if there is a tremendous difference; go for the ones that fall in the middle of the price range and quality of silver. Please don’t fall into such traps. Set up these cons as there is no point buying silver jewelry double its price.


The authentication lab leaves certain silver grades and hallmarks on them to test the authenticity of silver jewelry. You are no jeweler yourself. Hence, it is sensible to look for these marks with the help of a magnifying glass. Jewelry made from original sterling silver will have hallmarks on them that will read “.925” or maybe just “STERLING” in some cases. But if you come across a marking reading “ESPN,” then you should not buy it as it stands for electroplated nickel silver, and it is not silver.


Even though you are no jeweler, there are specific tests that you can perform yourself to mark or check if the silver is pure. They are simple tests like using a U-shaped magnet to check if the piece of jewelry sticks to it firmly; if not, it is not silver. You may also try to rub the jewelry with a piece of white cloth; if the cloth shows black spots, then it is not silver. Further, put a cube of ice on the silver; the ice cube shall begin to melt if it is silver.


Jewelry is all about craftsmanship; if your jewelry looks beautiful, it is mainly because of the craftsmanship and the materials used. If the piece is beautiful and from an authentic seller, then you must lay your hands over it. A reputable jewelry shop will provide you with the best of best quality jewelry as they always prefer quality over quantity.,

Lastly, before you jump on to buying silver jewelry, it is wise to look for a good silver jeweler seller. Seek referrals or browse through their testimonials and customer reviews to get a fair idea of the store’s reputation.