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Since the pandemic came around, more and more people have been working and attending school from home offices. Many may have already had these offices but are now making way more use. That means they need additional furniture to help them stay organized. The easiest way to do this is to attach a cabinet to your current desk.

Storage cabinets are often a go-to choice for additional storage, but they tend to use up a large amount of floor space. A buffet will only take up vertical space, which means you will still have enough floor room to move around. The first thing you should do is take measurements. After determining the correct dimensions for the cabinet, it’s time to start shopping.

Desk Hutch

When looking for the correct hutch width, you want one wide enough to store all of your items, but not one that takes up so much of the desk surface that you cannot work comfortably. To make sure you have a cabinet that’s the right height, measure the space between the desk surface and the ceiling. That will help you stay away from cabinets that are too tall for your desk.

Next, measure the space between the cabinet’s bottom shelf and the desk surface. After taking that measurement, it’s time to figure out how the cabinet mounts and whether you need additional hardware to affix it to the desk. It would help if you had enough clearance for your computer and keyboard to fit.

If you want to find quality desk hutches, 1StopBedrooms is where you need to shop. Choose from several different name-brands, and match the cabinet to your desk. If you aren’t sure which style or color you should go with, a design specialist is waiting by the phone to help. These non-commissioned professionals will give you a free consultation and answer all questions regarding the furniture.

A hutch will not only transform the look of the space, but it will keep your papers, binders, and folders organized. That’s why you also want to know the depth of the hutch. If it’s the entire system you need, there are plenty of desks with pens attached to select. If you have large files that need to be kept, you want a piece to store them easily.

Having everything you regularly use within reach is certainly not a new concept, but the cabinet is the perfect addition to your desk when attempting to create a contained workspace. You have drawers, cabinets, and cubbies to keep everything tidy.

If you cannot pay the total amount for the desk, you want now, apply for financing and make small monthly payments. Choose a 12, 24, or 36-month plan to fit your budget. You can have the desk you need without emptying your bank account. So why wait? Visit the website today and browse by color, style, product type, material, and more to narrow down your options. You’re sure to find the perfect cabinet for your space.