5 Tips For Hiring The Right Commercial Electrical Contractor


Electricity is an essential utility that deserves proper attention and care when it comes to construction. You don’t want your newly set up business to be the victim of a short circuit on the very first day of operations. To make sure you never have to face such a situation, you will have to appoint the right commercial electrical contractor during the project.

Right Commercial Electrical Contractor

It can be tough to hire the right person, but here are quick tips that will help you get started –

Get Some References

The first step is to get some references from your known ones. Ask the building contractor or your friend who owns a business. They can direct you towards the right person. You also learn something new from them if you have never hired one before.

If you fail at getting local references, then you can always move to the internet. You can check your local listings and read reviews and make the decision accordingly. Don’t forget to read the reviews and check the business ratings.

Know the Qualifications

Electricity is not a toy to play with. Dealing with high-voltage current and high-voltage applications needs some serious level of knowledge and training. Always make sure the contractor you are hiring has all the certifications and permissions to handle electrical projects. It will ensure the safety of your crew, equipment, and property.

Also, check if he carries legal insurance papers or not. If you don’t want to hold any liability for mishaps or accidents inside your premises during the projects, then check the insurance papers thoroughly.

Get Client References

Before making the final choice, interview the candidate. Ask a lot of questions. You should have complete knowledge of the experience and the work style of the contractor. Only continue if you are comfortable with it.

You should also never forget to ask for at least three client references. You should verify his previous work experience and customer satisfaction records. You call the references on the phone or meet them personally. If you have many mediocre or negative reviews, then you should probably give a pass to him.

Scope of Services

When hiring the contractor, make sure about the scope of his services. Does he only provide installation services, or does he cover the maintenance part as well? Does he has the capability and provide a guarantee of being there when an emergency arises. Problems with electricity can arise at any time. So you would want a contractor that can cover all the aspects of the installation.

Get a Written Contract

Verbal contracts and promises are not to be trusted in the 21st century. You want something more concrete. If you want the contractor to be legally binding for his work, you need a written contract. You should contact your lawyers to draw up a contract with the contractor’s name.

Make sure you fully understand the contract that you are signing. You should fully understand the clauses, terms, and conditions used to prevent any confusion in the future. Also, include the payment terms in the contract.