5 Ways To A Gorgeous Mane Using Onion


Onions have been used Attendant Design  to treat hair loss since ages. Not only that, its anti-bacterial properties make it the perfect ingredient for DIY hair masks. Who knew an onion would be packed with so many benefits for your hair!
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Besides saving you from hair fall, we have also listed some recipes for using onion juice for hair thickness. Try em’ all, save yourself the cost of expensive hair treatments and their empty promises

  1. Using Onion For Hair Strengthening:
  • You’ll need the juice of 2 grated onions, 1 egg, 1 tbsp. of honey and half a tbsp. of lemon juice
  • Mix all these ingredients together and apply evenly on your hair
  • Keep it on for 15 minutes or more if you can stand the smell, but make sure to rinse it off with a shampoo and warm water.
  • Your hair will feel stronger as the strand will gain strength every time after you use this recipe
  • Continue for a month or two and flaunt your lustrous and healthy mane to the world!

2. Onion Hair Mask To Repair Damaged Hair:

  • Squeeze out the juice of 2 onions. As stated many times in many places, while using onion juice for hair, it needs to be strained to remove all small particles that can stick to your scalp! You’ll need 10-15 petals of a rose and 4 black peppers
  • Blend all of this in a blender and apply the concoction to your hair
  • Keep it on for half an hour and then rinse your hair with shampoo and water thoroughly
  • Repeat it once a week for a month and notice your hair regain its former glory!


3. Using Onion For Hair Growth:

  • You’ll need a cup of black rum and 2 chopped onions
  • Soak the onions in the rum a night before you want to use them
  • Strain the liquid and slather it on your hair
  • Leave it on for 15-20 minutes
  • Wash it off with a shampoo and lukewarm water
  • Repeat the same for a month and notice your hair getting thicker by the day. Think of all the hair styles you could try out in another month!
  • This is one of the most important onion benefits known to us and a really effective one at that as well!


4. Using Onion Juice For Hair Regrowth:

  • You’ll need to peel and grate a couple of onions
  • Squeeze out their juice and apply it on the thin patches of hair on your head
  • Keep it on your hair for at least 15 minutes or till the time you are able to tolerate the smell
  • Wash it off using a shampoo. We recommend using Pantene Pro-V as it helps keep your hair nourished and soft
  • You need to continue regular use of this, at least twice a week to start noticing changes in your hair.


5. Aloe Vera and Onion To Prevent Dandruff:

  • Besides using onion juice for hair growth there are other onion benefits of it as well. For this hair mask you’ll need 2-3 tbsp. of onion juice, 2 tbsp. of aloe vera gel and 1 tbsp. of olive oil
  • Mix all these ingredients well and cover your hair with the concoction for another 15 minutes
  • Rinse your hair with shampoo and water. Let your hair dry naturally
  • Repeat it twice a week and say goodbye to dandruff forever!

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