The ultimate aim of chiropractors is to relieve your pain and improve the functioning of your body by treating you through various techniques and practices. Several health therapies include ergonomic training, exercise education, ultrasound and laser practices, and nutritional consultation. Furthermore, the basic motive of a chiropractor is to alleviate pain by treating various parts of their body, which mostly include neck pain, back pain, whiplash, etc. These are some of the main aspects which are dealt with by a chiropractor.


Did you know that chiropractic treatment can actually help you to solve many other health problems? Yes, you heard it right. This relieving treatment can also cure many health problems, including musculoskeletal pain, headaches, asthma, fibromyalgia, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Apart from this, a recent survey has shown that chiropractic spinal manipulation techniques can also be extremely helpful in relieving migraine, whiplash effectively.

Chiropractors use varied popular techniques to eliminate lower back painexpect from this treatment :

1. Gonstead technique :

This technique is extensively used to locate the areas where there is a dire need for making adjustments in the body. For example, an elaborate analysis of your spinal –ray would be done so that it becomes easy to identify the problem areas. This technique is safe and is frequently used on the elderly, children, and pregnant women.


2. Applied Kinesiology :

This is also known as the sports therapy technique as it is taken into account the functioning of bones and muscles. Basically, the technique aims at holding them in a position steadily. This therapy can be used extensively in various situations, including chiropractic knee adjustments. It helps you to balance opposing muscles that are attached to misaligned bones. Also, massaging can be an effective method for restoring normal muscle function by pressing the appropriate joints. It is considered one of the specific diagnostic tools used when determining the best course of treatment for an injured athlete.

3. Logan Basic Technique

This technique aims at relieving back pain by gently applying pressure at the base of the spine. The pressure needs to be applied aptly, which would realign the rest of the bones in the spine hence alleviating lower back pain and headaches. It is one of the most effective techniques which help you to release tension and restore balance. Both adults and children can easily use the technique.

4. Diversified Technique

This technique is popular among chiropractors for providing you instant relief from leg and back pain. It works uniquely by adjusting lumbar disk herniations and helps you to relieve the pain immediately.

Your body is a complex, interconnected system, and some of these chiropractic techniques are commonly used to help you for optimal health and well-being.