Essential Items for New Taxi Drivers


Being physically and mentally prepared is always advisable when starting a new job. Getting used to the right equipment, which would make your job easier, is the best way to take the first few months as smoothly as possible.

With taxi driving, many new drivers may be thinking that they are ready to drive on the roads because they have their London taxi. On the other hand, some accessories are available to help the fledgling taxi driver:

Money Bags

Every taxi driver will be managing cash daily. It is essential to ensure that everything is prepared, and safety is important. To do this, new taxi drivers are suggested to purchase a taxi driver money bag, which will keep all cash and notes away from thieves and make sure coins or notes are not lost due to poor handling.
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Receipt Pads

Most customers these days need receipts, and having a quality receipt book to hand is important to make you look professional and trustworthy. Do not forget that many people will want to get back taxi fares on their expenses and expect a decent receipt, not just a note on a scrap of paper. You can always save yourself money by looking out for taxi starter packs that usually include several reasonably priced items.


No Smoking Stickers

It contradicts the law to smoke in a place of work, and well, that also includes a taxi. By law, you must show a no-smoking sign of the correct size and design. These stickers are normally easy and convenient to purchase and comparatively inexpensive, either separately or as part of a specialist taxi driver starter pack.

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