Home Solar Electric- Clean Solar Power to Reduce Home Electricity Bills


The world is heading towards a power outage if we don’t resort to renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, or hydro energy. As per statistics, the non-renewable sources of energy are almost used up. Within 2050, half of the world will have to depend on solar energy and other renewable sources of energy to sustain the livelihood of human beings on planet earth. Now, on the verge of extinction of fossil fuels and other non-renewable sources of energy, solar powerlast 150-200 years, humanity has severely depended on fossil fuels to power their home and automobiles. Today, solar energy is being harnessed worldwide for its efficiency in providing electricity to residences, which makes it the fastest growing renewable energy source for residential purposes. But, as we said, the limited non-renewable resources are ending up fast, and hence, in future times, the prices are meant to go up, which would again inflate our electricity bill. Therefore, to take steps against future inflation of electricity bills, some people have started trying out new alternatives. One such alternative is using solar power to light up their homes. In this article, we will explore how solar power can help us reduce our home electricity bills and how solar energy can actually be effective in bringing up a mass change in the current scenario of the extinction of resources.

Now, the most important thing to build or know about solar power harnessing at home or on a small basis is the solar cell. A solar cell is nothing but a type of battery, which, when kept under the sun for too long, stores energy from the sun and hence can use it as a power source. Now, the next building block which comes in is the solar arrays. Solar arrays are nothing but an assortment of solar cells. Whenever the solar cells or the photovoltaic cells are exposed to sunlight, they will store the sunlight and later be a source of a small amount of electricity. When we link many solar cells together in the form of a solar array, the electricity generated from all solar cells is substantial enough to generate electricity for a full-scale family environment.

To take the maximum advantage of the photovoltaic cell or the solar cell, it is kept on the rooftop to take in the maximum sun rays and store it in the battery bank. This battery bank stores the power throughout the day, which helps us harness power even at night. Now, since the battery bank holds the DC power, we also need an inverter in the setup that can convert the DC power into AC power to use the energy for household purposes.


As more and more years go by and non-renewable resources deplete, people will turn towards this renewable source of energy. The concept of solar energy is pretty interesting, where we harness the free energy that we are getting from the sun and then convert it into free electricity. Ark Electrix and Solar Systems operates in the Brandon/Minnedosa area and ha.