Distinction Between Java and WordPress


Java and WordPress are quite greater; this is a test to compare and see how they intersect each other.


Java is definitely an enterprise Language. What do we all mean by that? What does that mean it is useful to develop enterprise applications?

· Many different clients can interact with apps like browsers, smart tablets, BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS applications. NET and other dialect apps.

· High Security to support the standards.

· Remarkably Scalable to support the expanding traffic.

· Performance – Start compile-time performance is large.

· E. g applications usually are Gaming, ECommerce websites, Billing, Store, CRM, and tons of others.

Java may be used to create blogging CMS just like WordPress. There are CMS’s just like alfresco, Plone, JRoller, who help attempt that, but nothing has been able so favorite as WordPress.



WordPressVery specialized CMS/blogging engine build on top involving PHP.

· It is straightforward to learn software, review it to learning MS Statement.

· You don’t need to know PHP/programming being a WordPress website developer.

· Excellent themes principle, which allows a developer to configure website pages quickly.

· Supports thousands of plug-ins, almost easy to find almost any kind of functionality a web page needs.

· Installs on Indien Server with PHP engine.

· Many hosting sites support you click install.

· Uses MySQL since the backend engine.

As an individual sees, WordPress and Java can not be compared jointly in a dialect where another is often a software developed on PHP language.

Had Live journal been written in Java

As the Java Developer, I wish Wp was built on Java, and the idea would have given

1. Java apps a web flair, we will see all together with a brand new set of applications /widgets/ add-ons.

2. Designers might not have been recently scared of the language whatsoever.

3. Applications could have made use of the WordPress database, which provides a straightforward schema.

WordPress And Java Together

Resin Quercus

Resin is a Java Application machine; however, with a twist, it features a Quercus engine that permits PHP applications to be installed like Java applications. What does that mean if WordPress could be installed on Resin will operate as a Java application and take advantage of libraries including Spring, Hibernate, SOA.

Also, it will certainly perform way better, mainly because it will be compiled only now and not be interpreted together with every request like it truly does now. This integration operating has its own challenges, but the good announcement is there is actually a way.


While WordPress has its own specific niche market, creating CMS websites with weblog functionality, it is the DeFacto Platform. But when it arrives at creating highly scalable venture Applications, Java is the DeFacto Platform. (**