Odd Numbers in Design


You might have probably heard of the ‘Rule of three’ while decorating your house. Ever wondered what the rule of three is? And how to incorporate it? Here, in this article, let us delve deeper into it.


Even numbers create symmetry, while odd numbers create interest! Many designers use odd numbers in designing because grouping items in odd numbers make the items look more appealing and natural to the eye. Even several items can make your room look uninviting because of the large amount of symmetry it creates. However, mixing a right amount of even and the odd combinations can create an inviting atmosphere.

What is it about the odd numbers that make them so appealing? It is just the way our brains work. Odd numbers force the eyes to move around the grouping. And, this forced movement is the heart of visual interest. For this reason, something paired in three is more memorable and appealing than something paired in even number groupings. Now let us look at how the rule of three can be implemented in our house decor.

Ambiance refers to the character, tone, and atmosphere of an environment. A standard equation works best while choosing colors for your room to create a good ambiance – 60,30,10. 60% is the main room color in this ratio, 30% is the secondary color, and 10% is the accent. If you follow this rule of three, you are guaranteed to achieve a welcoming and well-designed room.

  • Light Fixtures of the Room

The rule of three isn’t an exception when it comes to lighting. This doesn’t mean that a room should have only three lights. It means that a room should have three different types of lighting. A room must have an overhead light, numerous lamps on side tables, and accent lights such as track, picture, or under-cabinet lighting. All of these lighting together combine to create a nice warm ambiance.

  • Try other odd combinations.

Now that you know of the three rule benefits, don’t run about the house making arrangements in three everywhere. Symmetry is not bad, nor is it breaking the rules. The rule of three was to understand that arranging items in odd numbers are more interesting than arranging them in even numbers. Having said this, you can arrange items in 5 groupings or 9 groupings and still achieve the same visual effect.

The rule of odd numbers is a fun way to add visual effect and depth to your home. Definitely, it is something to try while you are thinking of giving your home a new refreshing look.

Many individuals fail to realize that math is an integral part of the design. Concepts such as symmetry, patterns, and arrangement that are so important to design all have a basis in mathematics. If you think you are weak at math and want to learn it in a fun and engaging way, subscribe to BYJU’S.