Popular Finance Apps in the Play Store Today


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Consumers today are increasingly going mobile. Right from being able to stay connected to making transactions, individuals are using their phones in every aspect of their daily life. Due to speed, convenience, and efficiency, around 52% of financial transactions in India are being made via mobile phones. Realizing an opportunity here, many banks and Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) have developed mobile applications that help simplify the life of their customers.


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Individuals can use their smart phones to download these easy-to-use and user-friendly finance apps from Play Store or App Store. Following are four apps that are now being used by consumers for to conduct their financial transactions.

  1. Capital First

Capital First, a leading financial institution in India, provides debt financing to MSME’s and Indian consumers. Through its mobile app, loan seekers may avail of finance through personal loans, consumer durable loans, mortgage loans, and two wheeler loans. Entrepreneurs and business owners may also avail of business loans through the easy-to-use mobile app.

2. SBI Loans

State Bank of India offers an exclusive app for those seeking finance to purchase their dream home. This app allows potential borrowers to check their loan eligibility, get customized loan quotes, and also allows borrowers to apply for a loan online.

Individuals may therefore avail of finance anytime, anywhere through their mobile phone. These user-friendly interface facilitates easy application of loans. Borrowers can therefore avoid visiting branches and apply for a loan rather easily.

3. Paisa Bazaar

The Paisa Bazaar mobile application lets you compare different loan plans offered by different banks and NBFCs. Hence loan seekers can research about important factors such as interest rate, tenure of loan, EMI offered by various financial institutes. Also, as the application is user friendly, it becomes rather easy for anyone to collect information regarding loan procedures and packages offered by loan providers.