Samsung Gear VR evaluation


Update: Samsung Gear VR got a brand new rival in the standalone Oculus Go headset n May 1.

 Samsung Gear VR

The new Oculus headset is a standalone tool, which means it does not need a PC connection or telephone inserted in it so that you can operate. Oculus Go offers excellent VR for a standalone tool, and it is already on our list of first-rate VR headsets.

Samsung Gear VR (2017) at Amazon India for ₹8643 The Oculus Go fee is $199 / £199 / AU$299, making it more expensive than Samsung Gear VR. And, notwithstanding consumers feeling like they will have to choose between the two, the Gear VR and Oculus Go are surely constructed at the equal software, so the identical apps and video games paintings on both devices. This is good for both customers and developers because the former could have masses to play, and the latter might not make the identical game twice.

The two should broaden a ‘pleasant’ competition, although of the path, Oculus, which develops each headset, finally ends up on top both ways.

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Gear VR

As some distance as telephone accessories pass, the Samsung Gear VR has usually been quality. But now, paired with a motion controller, you owe this to yourself if you personal a Samsung smartphone.

The revised Gear VR touts a streamlined, slightly advanced design and features a USB-C connector that hooks without delay into the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. However, the large draw here is the protected wireless controller.

It’s a small remote that looks just like an HTC Vive controller, increased touchpad, punchy trigger, and all. And, at the same time, as it could no longer get points for originality, it just works. Placed in either the proper or left hand, this controller is easy to pair for your cell phone, and the motion controls add a brand new level of interactivity that becomes sorely lacking from the Gear VR suite.

Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream View

While the amount of titles that aid movement controls are slender for the time being, there’s certainly a pretty desirable start. The Google Daydream View is a step in advance in that regard. However, I’d expect Samsung to trap up instead quickly.

Altogether, with the strong and ever-developing series of VR content material and the new controller, the brand new Gear VR is painless advice. It’s lighter, extra cozy, and go-like-minded with older Samsung phones, too. However, if you already personal a preceding version of the headset, you may pick up the controller separately.

Samsung Gear VR fee and launch date

The new Samsung Gear VR is to be had to the music of $129 (approximately £100, AU$117) and includes both the up-to-date headset and its new accompanying controller. If you hunt, you may find it for cheaper online.

For those already rocking a Gear VR headset, Samsung plans to promote the controller one at a time for $39 (approximately £30, AU$50). Comparatively, the 2015 model of the headset initially cost $ ninety-nine (£80, approximately AU$a hundred thirty) however dropped right down to a charge of approximately $60 or £50 from some resources.


VR The brand new appearance, as opposed to the old Samsung Gear VR, isn’t nighttime and day, though it has shed approximately 1 / 4 pound in weight. Compared to the sleeker, smaller Google Daydream View, it’s nonetheless rather colossal; however, its size benefit yields precise benefits over Google’s one-length-fits-all headset.

First off, the interior of the optic may be adjusted by the use of the pinnacle-installed dial to make the image less difficult to see for your eyes. Google’s headset comes with a hard and fast role, and it could take some more attempt to see a clear photograph.

Keeping the light out is something that the Gear VR has always been suitable for, and the brand new model isn’t an exception. A welcome region of improvement is the breathability of the headset. On the primary iteration, matters would get steamy after a few minutes of use, rendering the lenses foggy like a reflect after a warm shower. But I no longer locate this to be trouble by including some greater air vents beneath the eyes.

Compared to the older model, the cushion that rests around your eyes and nostril is noticeably cozier and extra supportive. The container includes a controller holder hooked up into the head strap for the clean garage.

The buttons and port place are acquainted with the brand new headset, though they have obtained a few tweaks. To shape the layout of the new controller, the new headset’s touchpad now features a domestic button to take you immediately out of any app or game that using you’re the use of.

Confusingly, Samsung steamrolled the directional pad-shaped indicators at the touchpad. Sure, if you’ve used the Gear VR before, you’ll probably regulate without problems to the change. But VR first-timers might be disposed of, as the new solution doesn’t gift the maximum intuitive control scheme.

Instead of the micro USB port found on the backside of the original Gear VR that changed into used for maintaining your phone charged, the brand new headset features a USB-C port that may do the equal. Samsung touts it as a multifunction port, so we’ll probably see greater accessories coming to that increase its talents, much like how the controller has executed. Samsung consists of a swappable micro USB connector, which allows compatibility with the following devices:

And likely, the refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7, on every occasion that suggests up.
Sitting next to Daydream’s controller Sitting next to Daydream’s controller.


The little controller is clearly the highlight of the display, so it permits dig into it. The movement-enabled wand fits the dark aesthetic of the new Gear VR, although it also goes properly with the older model.

Powered using two AAA batteries, the small controller capabilities a volume rocker, in addition to a circular touchpad and the returned and domestic button duo to imitate what’s located on the facet of the headset. On its again, there’s a single trigger, which is first-rate to have for the inevitable onslaught of first-man or woman shooters.

There are a handful of games that offer controller compatibility. They work in a manner that you’d anticipate if you’ve played anything on Google’s Daydream headset or maybe the Nintendo Wii. You can goal the controller around in the virtual fact global to select, shoot or pick out gadgets. Compared to different stories, Samsung’s controller feels and plays on par.

The new headset and controller will come loose for many early pre-order adopters of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. But even at $39 (about £30, AU$50), the controller is a welcome, well-built addition to the Gear VR own family.

Samsung has made the controller like-minded with the backlog of apps and games already to users. Both the cause and touchpad execute the same easy “verify” command, but the movement competencies otherwise become off.