Why HTC Vive Pro isn’t for you


With groups battling it out to secure a main position in the client electronics marketplace, HTC recently launched the improved model of the Vive collection digital fact (VR) headset. Vive Pro VR headset, unlike its predecessor, is not meant for system fanatics.HTC Vive Pro

Is supposed for those who have lots of throwaway coins and do not thoughts playing a guinea pig for the sake of generation. The headset boasts better resolutions as well as integrated headphones, however, HTC didn’t position a good deal notion into the pricing of the device. At $800, the product is already tremendously priced, and notwithstanding the fees, the package doesn’t consist of controllers and sensors.

Reasons for now not choosing HTC Vive Pro

Expensive and lacks essential accessories

Let’s be sincere; the digital fact isn’t always equipped for regular use and entertainment. Although there are some of VR sports titles that can be exciting in instances, VR as an entire is still taking child steps. Purchasing an $800 VR headset without a sensible use for it is basically insane. The product is steeply-priced when considered in phrases of each function and accessories.

Tethered layout Vive Pro

The tethered headset of the HTC Vive Pro is a pain to use, and this is one of the number one matters that ruin one’s VR enjoy. It is surely very intricate to move around, and chances are, one may even experience on the cable. PC gamers would possibly chorus from buying the tool till HTC comes up with a wi-fi version.

Pocket pincher

The retail package for the HTC Vive Pro does no longer contain controllers. So while one comes to a decision on shopping for a brand new VR headset, it is nice to opt for the older Vive in preference to the new one. Two controllers for Vive might cost $a hundred thirty each and two sensors at $a hundred thirty-five each, amounting to $1030. On the other hand, in case you pick Vive pro, the overall cash you will be spending is $1330. If you aim at economizing, it’s far higher to live with the older VR headset.

Availability of other alternatives

One can pick pocket-friendly headsets that come cheap in comparison to the HTC Vive Pro. If you already have a PS4 with you, you can honestly pass for the Sony PSVR headset, so as to be a better alternative in terms of fee in addition to overall performance. It may not be as high-stop or as technically advanced as that of the HTC, but it receives the job performed!HTC Vive Pro

Oculus Rift is an excellent alternative for one’s get entry to the PC games. Even the simple Google Daydream headset and the Samsung Gear headset are first-class products for the use of via cellular phones. All are tremendous options if one plans on saving some dough! On the intense facet, those merchandises are wi-fi, making them an ideal choice for extreme game enthusiasts and enthusiasts.

Resource extensive

The HTC Vive Pro needs greater from your graphics card. It boasts of a 2600 x 1800 resolution that is about 78% greater than that of its predecessors. When paired with a PC, it imposes an extra load on the hardware, rendering the output disappointing even after spending so much money. The option to the hassle lies in upgrading the hardware, namely the Graphics Processing Unit, which does not come reasonably-priced. In a few instances, users select including a powerful GPU in their rigs as well for you to notch up the overall performance. In all, it’s an extraordinary deal of cash down the drain simply to play a few hard-edged, half of-baked VR recreation. Not a terrific idea!