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Top 5 Courses That Will Make You Get A High Paying Job

Top 5 Courses That Will Make You Get A High Paying Job

Since its advent, technology has been the hottest thing and will remain until a new prevailing taste is discovered. As we live in a century where technology is the overall taste, many aspirants seek career prospects and get higher-paying jobs.

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Amid the clutter of technology and courses, there are only a few career paths where job seekers can get higher pay at the entry level.

Here is a list of the top 5 courses that can help you get high-paying jobs.

# Course 1: Cloud

Cloud computing is the real buzzword and is the most ubiquitous one. This is a fast-emerging business standard. Its services are categorized into three types: Information as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

The overall cloud services in demand are the larger scalability, greater accessibility, and measure flexibility. Three service providers in the market popularize Cloud services: Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure. The Azure certification can be icing on the cake to bag a high-paid job easily.

According to stats, the world market for cloud computing will likely grow by 2020, making way for the aspirants’ huge opportunities with their focus plunged into various career paths in the cloud.

An average cloud computing engineer earns $ 119,634 per annum, and this domain offers fat packages for entry-level jobs, making it more lucrative for all ambitious professionals.

# Course 2: Blockchain

Blockchain users are currently in demand, in fact, in huge need. In the coming five years, it is considered that blockchain development will be listed as a top area of effect. Dubai is set to be the first blockchain-based country by 2020, so you can see a lot coming.

Blockchain plays a bigger role in today’s development arena, and according to certain surveys, an experienced blockchain developer is paid $1,80,000 annually. Huge.

Starting with blockchain isn’t as easy as pie, as the gamut comprises a complex understanding of cryptocurrency and stuff. It is recommended to begin with Bitcoin at first and then dive into the other complex ones.

# Course 3: Machine Learning

Machine learning is currently the hottest domain in IT. Machine learning, artificial intelligence, automation, etc., are shaping future work and technology well and have a broad future scope.

Machine learning is already very much in use, benefitting many people and organizations, and is improving daily. There is an increased demand for aspirants with knowledge of machine learning in new fields.

The average pay of a machine learning engineer is $138,976 per annum.

# Course 4: Cyber

Cyber, for sure, has a great future. Internet users keep increasing exponentially, and thus, there is an increasing demand for cybersecurity specialists. As we drive digital, privacy is a fundamental concern for every netizen.

To have a foot into the cyber domain, which is classified into five different categories: Cryptography, Binary exploitation, Forensics, Reverse Engineering, and web Exploitation, starting with any one will be good enough.

Cybersecurity expert earns an average salary of $ 76,667 per annum. Eastern Europe and Middle East countries will likely have 90% of cybercrimes daily. So, anyone with expertise in Cybersecurity is always welcomed there with a high pay scale.

# Course 5: Digital Marketing

The term digital marketing is self-explanatory and replaces the traditional method of marketing. Digital media, proving the fastest mass communication, makes way for the growing digital marketing scope.

Like any other domain on the list, digital marketing also has smaller modules leading to different career pathways like making sales, brand awareness, establishing, and many more in the same domain.

Since the nations drive the data digitally, this also influences how they promote their purposes through digital marketing, ultimately offering huge opportunities for the aspirants. The average pay of a digital marketing executive with ten years of experience is $412,492 per annum; this can probably give you an idea of the package offers for a newbie.

Closing thoughts

So, these were the top 5 courses that will certainly help you get a high-paying job in the market.

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