Unusual Things to Do in Jordan



Jordan is a beautiful country with a rich cultural and historical background. Several tours and Jordan holiday packages are available on the internet. To get a sneak peek into the things to do in Jordan, read on to find our top picks.

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  1. Urn Tomb, Petra

This old tomb in Petra can be spotted from the rest because of the characteristic urn on the top of the pediment. The openings on the roof of the inaccessibly long columns show the three adjacent tombs: the silk, the Corinthian, and the palace tombs.

  1. Camel Ride in Petra

Being the ancient and a leading tourist attraction, the desserts in Petra are best explored on a camel back with your local guide explaining the nitty-gritties of the architecture. Do not forget to negotiate and enjoy the view while you are at it.

  1. The Roman Theatre

This ancient remnant, in Amman was restored with a seating capacity of six thousand individuals. This place has recently become functional again with local concerts and a general place of entertainment with a local touch. Do drop by to experience the Jordanian culture at its finest.

  1. Cave Bar

Cave bar, a local bar in the area is a taste of the Middle Eastern nightlife. Drink like Indiana Jones and the pirates in the cave bar formed by the tomb and inhabited by the Nabateans between 37 to 100 AD. The interiors are glowing lanterns and rock columns and sandstone walls with a wide spread of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The local Jordanian wine is a big hit amongst tourists.

  1. Byzantine Church, Petra

The Byzantine Church is located close to the Colonaded Street and awes its visitors with the well preserved mosaics. The church has many animals and most of them have mythological significance. Now, not many churches give you that, do they?

  1. Kerak Castle

Kerak Caste or Karak Castle in al Karak, Jordan have a varied display of inscriptions on the walls. Located between the dead sea and the ancient Kings Highway, Kerak Castle allures you with the passageways and the stone halls. The triangular plateau on which the castle was built is an added vantage point.

  1. ATV ride, Wadi Rum

For an adventure buff, the ATV rides at the secluded off roads from Agaba to Wadi Rum is on the top of the list of must do things when in the country. Speeding amongst the sand dunes and rock formations, it gives you a spectacular view and an experience to cherish through lifetime.

  1. Sunset cruise to Red Sea

The sunset cruise to the red seas gives you an opportunity to enjoy the scenic vistas and water adventure sports like snorkeling and deep-sea diving. With a glass of Jordanian wine in hand, this experience is enriching and wholesome and even more special if you are accompanied by a special someone.

Jordan can be a little overwhelming with all the tombs and architectural ruins. We hope that these pointers will help you add more value to your trip.