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Tips to Find a Reliable State to State Moving Company

Tips to Find a Reliable State to State Moving Company

Okay, so finally, you’re relocating to a new state. Moving from your current location to a new city or state brings a mixed feeling of excitement and anxiety. No doubt, moving to a new place is an exciting phase of life. But soon, this excitement turns into stress when you begin to think about moving your belongings to a new place. Relocating is a challenging task, especially if you’re moving out of state. This is because, unlike moving to a neighboring or intrastate town or city, relocating to a new state has some unique challenges.

State Moving Company

If you’re shifting to a nearby location, you may choose to move on your own. But when it comes to shifting to a new state, there’s no way to think about doing it on your own. As such, when moving to a new state, it’s a must to hire a reliable out-of-state moving company. In fact, finding a professional long-distance moving company should be on the top of your priority list as you begin preparing to move out of state.

Many companies offer local or intrastate moving services, but you need to be extra sure when it comes to moving out of state. You certainly can’t take any risk when transporting your household items to the new-state home. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at the tips to find a reliable out-of-state moving company.

Do Your Homework

You should begin your search by asking your friends and family to recommend moving companies with whom they’ve had a good experience. If nobody in your contact knows a reliable company, then search for a licensed moving company online. In the case of interstate movers, it’s a must to obtain a state license. Once you find a few established companies, please read the reviews of their previous customers. In addition, find their business rating and complaints on the Better Business Bureau and industry accreditation from a concerned Moving and Storage Association.

Request In-Home Survey

A moving company can provide you an accurate estimate only after conducting an on-site survey inside your home. Ask the company you’re considering to inspect your belongings and provide you a complete estimate of moving. If a company denies doing this, chances are they’ll increase the price on the final day of moving because they don’t have an exact idea of all your belongings.

Ask About Their Moving Insurance

What if your expensive big TV screen gets damaged or your favorite antique vase gets broken during the moving process. Considering this, every moving company carries an insurance policy to assume liability for the value of their transport goods. Here you need to consider two types of insurance. One is the Full (Replacement) Value Protection policy which protects all your goods. Whether any item is lost, broken, or damaged during the moving process, the mover will either repair the item or replace it or pay you for it. Another policy is the Alternative Level of Liability. Here the moving company assumes liability for no more than 60 cents per pound per article. When it comes to interstate movers, this kind of policy is a must.

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