6 Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes that You Should Avoid


The kitchen is the heart of a home; it is the place where you spend most of your quality time eating, cooking, drinking, and socializing. Your kitchen must have an aesthetic appeal along with being functional. The three key points for an ideal kitchen design are style, organization, and layout. Missing any one of them can cause detrimental effects. Kitchen remodeling is not an easy task; it is both tedious and time-consuming. If you have decided to undergo this project, you need to avoid some basic kitchen remodeling mistakes. Such as:

 Kitchen Remodeling

Multiple items have to be stored in your kitchen, and not all are preventable, such as food processors or stand mixers. While planning the design of your kitchen, you must include large storage spaces in the form of kitchen cabinets, drawers, or pantries. Planning a kitchen with minimal storage space is a recipe for disaster. Use every nook and cranny possible for storage to avoid situations like counter space being taken up, cabinets being overstuffed, and overall cluttered kitchen space.

  • Obstructing the triangle rule

According to every designer, the golden triangle is the most important aspect of a kitchen. The sink, stove, and refrigerator are the kitchen triangle; they are the areas of greatest activity that require careful planning and unobstructed access. Grouping these three most used areas nearby are the most successful kitchen design. The distance between these three areas must neither be too much nor too less. It must be enough to allow proper functioning.

  • Cheap cabinetry

The kitchen cabinets are the foundation of a kitchen; you must never compromise with their quality. It is advisable to spend extra money on durable and long-lasting materials, rather than going for the cheap material cabinets and regretting it a year later when things fall apart. Buy superior quality kitchen cabinets from a reliable source after thorough research.

  • Inadequate lighting

The kitchen is the area that requires the most appropriate lighting. Generally speaking, there are three types of lighting general lighting for overall illumination, task lighting, and accent lighting. For your kitchen, evaluate the workstations and start to focus on how you’ll provide each spot with the light it requires. Consider adding lighting directly above all the main work areas. Adequate lighting is required for handling sharp kitchen tools such as knives. In addition to this adequate light also helps in displaying your kitchen design with ease.

  • Poor ventilation

Have you ever walked into a friend’s kitchen and smelled last night’s fish? If yes, then you can clearly understand the importance of a good ventilation system. A good ventilation system is necessary to rid your kitchen of lingering food odors. Installing a good ventilation system will improve the quality of your kitchen air and help you keep your kitchen cleaner.

  • Inefficient garbage space

Dealing with trash comes along while preparing food. If you do not have a good garbage system, your kitchen will look untidy and smell foul. That is completely unhygienic and bad for a place where food is prepared. So take care that the garbage is either covered properly or kept inside a different cabinet.