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Nokia three assessment

Nokia three assessment

The Essential Review

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 Nokia three assessment

The Nokia name was experiencing a resurgence in the telephone marketplace in 2017, and the trendy releases to excite you include the Nokia 6, Nokia 5, and Nokia three.

See all of Nokia’s three deals.

They observe the Nokia 3310 (2017), a ‘reboot’ of the classic characteristic phone that turned into released in advance this year to try and drum up attention for the brand – it’s these new handsets that are the real reintroduction to the marketplace the Nokia brand deserves.

The Nokia three is one of the first-rate searching cheaper phones available on the market right now. If the rate and the look of your telephone matter most to you, the Nokia three may fit your needs properly.

There’s a 5-inch 720p display that offers a clean photo. However, it may be a touch darkish, and some may not love the pleasant image it offers them whilst looking at video or using apps.

Battery lifestyles at the Nokia 3 aren’t always particularly appropriate, so it could mean your smartphone dies off pretty quickly without your usage of it loads. There’s also no fingerprint sensor like there may be at the Nokia 5.

The camera at the Nokia 3 is k for an inexpensive tool. Still, it might not take out of the ordinary pix like older devices from the emblem, and overall performance at the Nokia three isn’t always all as much as a scratch.

Who’s this for, and should I purchase it?Nokia 3

The Nokia 3 is aimed at the start-time telephone customers. Everybody seeking to spend the least quantity possible on their new smartphone, however, has access to all their apps at the side of the functions you’d expect to look at this price factor.

If you love the layout and need an excessive-end searching smartphone without paying excessive-quit money, you could want to move for the Nokia three – but you’ll also get a slightly extra top-class look for best a bit more money with the Nokia 5.

Anyone who is invested in the idea of a Nokia cellphone, however, does not need to indulge their nostalgia at the expense of performance and features, may also need to opt for the Nokia five.

Nokia 3 price

Launch charge of £129.99 with contracts starting at £12.99 a month Not clear if it’ll launch in the US or Australia Check out the exceptional offers for getting the Nokia three inside the UK Low fee however nonetheless seems the first-rate Premium appearance despite low fee factor Polycarbonate back and steel edges come in 4 coloration alternatives The power button may be a bit difficult to hit now and again Advertisement

The Nokia three doesn’t have the maximum appealing layout. Still, considering its rate point, it has a premium sense, brilliant build quality, and looks brilliant compared to some of the opposition.

It’s a squared layout that immediately reminds you of the layout of the Windows Phone generation of Nokia devices, however as a substitute for getting a formidable primary-colored plastic returned, it has metal edges that look first-rate.

; The Nokia three is available in 4 coloration alternatives: black, dark blue (pictured at some stage in this evaluation), and two alternatives for white; both white versions have a white again panel, with one having white edges and the other a peach-colored rim across the smartphone. The again panel is polycarbonate; however, despite that, it nevertheless has a top rate air. Scroll via to the proper to see more pictures of the Nokia 3 underneath.

Nokia 3


  • NOKIA three SPECS
  • Screen length: five-inch
  • Resolution: 720×1280
  • Battery: 2630mAh
  • Front camera: 8MP
  • Rear camera: 8MP
  • Weight: 140g
  • Dimensions (mm): 143.Four x seventy-one.Four x eight.5mm
  • OS: Android 7
  • CPU: MediaTek MT6773
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Storage: 16GB/microSD as much as 256GB

During our testing, we did locate the electricity button on the proper-hand facet of the cellphone to be a touch small if you have larger arms and thumbs. That may also suggest you’ll spend a little longer trying to hit that button and no longer the volume rocker; that’s simply above it.

On the pinnacle fringe of the handset sits the 3.5mm headphone jack, which allows you to use wired headsets with the phone; at the same time as the lowest aspect has a micro USB port within the center for charging and data transfer.

The telephone sits without difficulty inside the hand. Still, the loss of fingerprint scanner at the Nokia 3 means it takes a little longer to free up than other phones, as you’ll need to press the strength button, after which use an on-display unencumber.

The Nokia 3 comes with a 5-inch display with a 720p decision. That equals 294 pixels per inch, which is a chunk under what you’d count on a modern-day phone.

The decrease does mean you’re likely to identify the strange pixel compared to a Full HD resolution display screen, however considering the rate of this cell phone, you shouldn’t be too disillusioned with the sharpness of pix.

We did locate the display screen to be a little stupid on the Nokia three. Brightness isn’t specifically remarkable compared to other phones, so once more, the Moto E4, which has a vivid display on the identical decision, is probably a higher choice if that’s essential to you.

The display at the Nokia 3 is the optimal size although, the telephone sitting quite simply within the hand, and all areas of the display screen are clean to attain regardless of how small your arms are.

  • Battery lifestyles
  • Features a 2630mAh battery that doesn’t provoke everyday usage
  • It scored nicely in our video battery test
  • Charging isn’t always very rapid though

Battery existence isn’t a highlight of the Nokia three, and also you gained’t be especially impressed through how long the cellphone will ultimate on a complete rate.

Alarm bells commenced to ring whilst we saw the spec listing detailing a 2630mAh battery, which isn’t an especially massive cellular. It oughtn’t to apply to electricity an excessive amount of, as there’s simplest a five-inch 720p show, and this isn’t a mainly power-hungry smartphone, but the battery commonly doesn’t final that lengthy.

With usual usage of famous apps like Spotify, messaging, and social networking at some stage in the day, we observed ourselves getting to around 7 pm or 8 pm and being greeted using a black screen as the telephone died – and the Nokia 3 frequently didn’t alert us whilst it was near death, which changed into demanding.

Battery saver mode is a choice while you get low on juice, but that won’t add too much extra time to your rate if you are not a heavy user although, you should find the battery life to be adequate.

The Nokia three made it through our battery take a look at, in which we run a ninety-minute video clip at full brightness and with Wi-Fi enabled, with 84% of its battery existence final, a lack of sixteen%. That’s a bit higher than the Moto E4, which lost 18%, at the same time as the Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus lost a whole 24%.

When playing video, we observed the Nokia three to do mainly properly as compared to its opposition. Still, that robust battery existence isn’t meditated in actual-international utilization in which it struggled to make it thru a whole day.

There’s no speedy-charging tech right here, so the Nokia three will likely take the time to price up. If you leave it in a single day, you’ll have a complete battery, although.


The 8MP rear sensor makes sharp pictures. However, it is slow Front-going through 8MP shooter takes exquisite selfie shots. Chances are, if you’re looking at the Nokia three, you’re no longer looking forgoing to want a top-of-the-range camera phone – and that’s just as nice.

Both the rear and the front cameras are 8 PM units. Neither will, in particular, impress you, although, and we discovered the use of the digital camera at the Nokia 3 frustrating at times.

It’s not very rapid at booting up and additionally takes pretty some time to shoot when you’ve pressed the button, so it’s clean to overlook the one’s fleeting possibilities that may regularly make for notable images.

Inappropriate lighting fixtures, the Nokia 3 manages to take some sharp pictures. For an 8MP sensor that’s missing the various bells and whistles of most present-day smartphones, it can be plenty worse.

There’s an effective LED flash for darker pictures, which you’ll probably need because the low-mild image fine from this cellphone isn’t excellent.

Top-give-up functions inclusive of HDR, 4K video recording, or optical photograph stabilization are nowhere to be visible, so don’t purchase this telephone in case you’re seeking out an incredible camera.

We observed video pictures to be fairly stable considering the dearth of any stabilization tech. However, you could most effectively record in low-resolution 720p.

The front digicam is a comparable affair. However, an 8MP lens isn’t as awful if you simply plan to take an abnormal picture of your face or use it for video calling occasionally.

Camera samples Image 1 of 5

Anything else I ought to recognize? Running stock Android 7 software looks as if Google intended Packs MediaTek MT6737 processor, but it is now not particularly powerful. Not a lot of storage, although you might also have to buy a microSD card.

The Nokia 3 is strolling the trendy Android 7 software proper out of the box, and it’s the inventory version, so it seems and behaves precisely as Google intends it to. That means there’s no Nokia branding on the pinnacle, and the cell phone doesn’t come packed to the brim with Nokia or 1/3-party apps that HMD has decided to put in.

You’ll get all the new functions of Android 7 here, along with cut-up-display screen mode and the newly designed short settings pull-down menu, plus it looks first-rate. It’s additionally now showed that the Nokia three would be eventually upgraded to Android Oreo. However, we don’t know while that’ll manifest.

Stock Android additionally permits you to swipe up from the lowest of the home screen to open up the app drawer, and it’s a much smoother revel in than on other Android phones wherein it takes a while to load the app drawer after a tap.

However, performance on the Nokia 3 isn’t fantastic, and you may discover yourself getting pissed off with this smartphone at some points, particularly in case you’ve used an extra high-priced phone inside the beyond.

The Nokia three boasts a MediaTek MT6737 system-on-a-chip, a chip we haven’t visible strolling on many devices released within the West, with 2GB of RAM to return it up.

On multiple occasions in our time with the Nokia 3, we determined apps might take a frustrating quantity of time to load, and we skilled a few crashes as nicely.

This became in particular major when we were using Android Pay with the NFC sensor at the back of the cellphone. We often observed ourselves waiting an awful lot longer than we’d count on to with different telephones. In a time-forced environment, with fellow shoppers shuffling their feet and muttering at the back of us, it has become quite irritating.

Even straightforward apps, inclusive of Twitter or Spotify, have been ordinary culprits when it came to crashing – and there’s nothing greater worrying than when you want to finish easy tasks, but your telephone gained’t let you.

Benchmarking-smart, we ran the Geekbench four software on the Nokia 3, and it turned in a disappointing score of one,464.

The Moto G5, via way of contrast, managed 2,377, while the Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus – a UK-distinct phone that costs about the same as the Nokia 3 – accomplished a score of 2,073.

In conclusion, the Nokia three will conflict to load many massive-name apps, although they all will find paintings in the end – you may simply wait for a touch at the same time as longer than you’d want to.

We located looking films and video at the Nokia three a fun enjoys regardless of the small and now not particularly excessive-decision display.

There’s k audio thru the headphone jack. Still, from time to time, the phone would warfare to hold the Bluetooth connection – we determined we couldn’t flow very a ways from the smartphone earlier than it’d begin to reduce out, and now and then, it’d even struggle in a pocket whilst strolling.

The speakers at the Nokia three are not staggering either – there’s only one speaker, which you could without problems cover along with your hand whilst protecting the telephone.

We also determined being attentive to the song and different audio at the Nokia 3 to be a k revel in, although the once in a while-temperamental Bluetooth connection may cause you strange trouble. If you only plan to use wired headsets although, you shouldn’t be worried.

If you’re keen on paying attention to the radio in your smartphone, you’ll be glad to locate an FM radio app on the Nokia three – you’ll need to have a wired headset attached for this to paintings because it acts as an aerial.

When using the (flimsy and cheap) pair of headphones included inside the box with the Nokia three, we determined the FM connection worked well. When you first boot the app up, you’ll be able to test for all available channels, and switching among those proves easy to do.

It’s possibly no longer a key feature with a purpose to encourage you to shop for the Nokia 3. However, it’s a great opportunity to entertain yourself, particularly when you have a limited net allowance, so you don’t want to apply a net-based totally radio app on your phone.

Gaming at the Nokia 3 was a relatively enjoyable revel. Loading instances can be a touch prolonged compared to extra pricey telephones, but most cutting-edge games ran easily.

We tried Real Racing three and Monument Valley, which ran properly on the smartphone, notwithstanding the sub-par processor setup for most ordinary duties. Don’t purchase this handset if you’re seeking out your games to load right away and play at the superior degree, though.

First reviewed: July 2017

Not convinced? Before you soar in and purchase the Nokia 3, make sure to go to our sister site Getprice to compare the best costs in Australia! Try these: If the Nokia three isn’t for you, then we’ve picked three notable picks for you to recollect as an alternative.

Moto G5

Motorola’s mid-variety surprise will fee you a bit extra than the Nokia three; however, on average, it’s a greater attractive and properly-constructed package deal. We loved the component-metallic design, that’s much like the appearance of the Nokia three, as well as its crisp Full HD show.

You’ll also get a fingerprint scanner on your more money, which the Nokia three is missing. For handiest £30 or $40 greater, the Moto G5 gives plenty of extra functions.

Read our Moto G5 overview of Nokia five.

The Nokia five charges a hint more than the Nokia three too; however it comes with some extra features which you may think are really worth paying for.

There’s a barely extra top-rate high-quality build, greater strength below the hood, and a fingerprint scanner underneath the display. The Nokia five still has a few troubles of its personal, such as just 16GB of storage and a 720p display rather than Full HD; however, overall, it’s a better option than its less expensive sibling.

Read our Nokia 5 evaluation Moto E4.

Suppose you’re seeking out a phone for around the same charge because of the Nokia 3 (if you’re residing in the UK), you’ll want to test the Moto E4. You may additionally even be able to get it for a touch less cash, and once more, you’ll get a fingerprint scanner.

You’ll experience true construct exceptional, in addition to the Android 7 software program and a swappable battery, making the E4 a compelling alternative to the Nokia 3 on your next smartphone.

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