CIO Crown 2016 – Unfolding New Avenues Through Technology


Transformation – Disruption – Acceleration: The New Roadmap for CIOs in a Digital Economy. With this memorandum, the CIO Crown 2016 event kicked off on the 26th of August in Mumbai for two days. CIOs from various industries and ICT leaders discussed the latest technology trends and used across verticals and had an incredibly fantastic time connecting with peers and engaging in various activities.

clip_image002Anil Nadkarni, CIO at Mahyco Seeds Ltd., stated that “it was a great experience overall, and the event brought forward plenty of networking opportunities.” On the activities organized by Sify Technologies, the renowned IT strategist further added, “the activities helped stimulate interest in Sify’s ICT services, specifically Cloud Services.

Technology plays a crucial role in every industry, and it was perfectly laid out throughout the event with presentations and discussion panels. People from different industries joined in to voice their opinions about technology in today’s world. Jaydeep, Regional


The Marketing Manager with QLIK addressed the data-driven possibilities in the business world. At the same time, Abhishek Rungta of Indus Net Technologies shared insights on the role of technology in digital marketing. Attendees were also fascinated by the excellent insights on Cryptocurrency by the young tech entrepreneur Brendan Blumer.

Prabhakar Posam, Head IT & Business Process at PAE Limited, thoroughly enjoyed the event he attended to connect with peers and pioneers in the industry and liked the presentation by Gowree saying, “The presentation on compliance, Self-regulation, Contractual obligation was much-needed discussion for CIOs” via his Twitter handle.

The CIO engagement at CIO Crown 2016 powered by Sify Technologies rounded off on the 27th of August with Success Stories, awards and accolades, and entertainment throughout the event as attendees left the venue with a lot more than just smiles.