Four Types of Summer Camps for Kids


We all remember that the most interesting and engaging part of our summer vacations was a summer camp and everybody looked forward to joining one. Summer camps have many activities which may help your child develop a long time hobby and hone his skills. If you view summer camps as only a means of entertainment for the kids, you might be wrong. Children learn multiple skills by doing these activities and interacting with others. Such activities may help your child to open up, increases imagination and improves communication skills. But there are different kinds of specialized summer camps and selecting a particular camp should be given much importance. For this, understanding the difference between different types of summer camp is necessary

For the little actors many activities like theatre, dialogue competitions, facial-expression workshops can be organized, for dancers and singers, they may be exposed to different instruments, props and different styles in the field.

  • A high jump (Athletics): Some of the summer camps offer multiple activities related to sports. Here the kids are exposed to many international sports which you may not even have heard about before. If your child is athletic and loves to play games, choose this summer camp without any second thought. Most of these can last about 2-3 weeks and are quite engaging. The coach and trainers tell and teach some advanced techniques to master a sport.

Children are able to interact with trainers and fellow players and learn from them. Many sports like Basketball, badminton, football, hockey, cricket and indoor games like chess might be offered. These camps could be much expensive as these occur in places where all the stadiums and other equipment are present.

  • The Fun part (Traditional camps): It could be described as a mixture of all the types not focusing on any particular skill as such. These are considered to be lighter and much more exciting than other camps as there is a variety of activities. Some camps may offer overnight stays and things like boating, yoga, hiking etc.
  • The Mind Games (Academic and Educational): Generally, many of the parents might prefer these educational camps which focus on the academic and educational aspect. These camps offer much more practical knowledge than normal educational institutions and here one learns by practicing and watching the industrial trends. Also, preparation of tests like SAT is also provided by experts.

Now that you know about different types of summer camps, go ahead and find a camp which fulfills your needs as it is a great opportunity to learn and grow for your child.