Is It Time to Get a Professional Design for Your Blog?


So, you’ve been running a blog for a while and things are going well. You’ve been around long enough to start seeing some traffic from Google and have done your best to network with other bloggers and promote the site. You may even be making some money, whether from advertising, affiliate sales, or other means. However, your blog is still using the design you picked when you first created it – probably a free theme you implemented yourself – and you are starting to think that if you want to take things to the next level, you need a design that is uniquely your blog’s, and perhaps offers something in terms of features your current site doesn’t.

So is it time to look into getting a web design firm to give your site a new look? There are a few things to consider:


One of the main reasons people tend to use free themes and do the work themselves when they start a new blog is that at that point, they are a way off making any money with their website. Even if you start a blog with no real intention of monetizing it, you don’t really want it to cost a lot to run, and so using one of the many free themes available to give you a decent looking site for no money seems like the smartest way to go. However, at the point where you are gaining traction and becoming established, your blog is worth more to you than it was back then. This can mean it is a good idea to get some quotes and find out what the work you would ideally have done would cost, so you can make a fair evaluation of whether you want to invest in web design at this time.



Another thing you should consider is whether or not you are happy with the brand elements you currently have on your site. Did you design a logo and choose a color scheme with branding in mind, or is your site currently lacking in these things? All of the most successful blogs have strong brand identities, and so if you don’t feel you have this, it could be a very good reason to get professionals involved. If you do have branding you like, then do you think this could be made better use of if your site was unique and purpose built? This could also be something worth talking over with a web designer Try Updates.

Would Delaying It Hurt?

If you know you want a new design but aren’t sure if now is the time, think about the consequences of waiting and see whether or not it will hurt things. If your site is ramping up quickly, it may be better to act now than to have a rebrand and site changes implemented to a bigger audience.

Most successful bloggers do ultimately end up with a custom site design, but it is down to you to choose when to start considering this.