SD cards are a great modern tool to expand the storage that is available on your smartphones. For the amount of data in transit today, the size of applications and documents is in the order of gigabytes and the abundance of data is such that even your smartphone should be capable of storing such heavy volumes of data. SD cards can be removed, replaced, upgraded and are flexible across various electronic devices. By storing data on your SD card, you can free space on your phone so that it can work faster and efficiently. While Android users have an SD card slot, iPhones don’t have such a facility. Instead, they have built-in NAND flash storage.


SD cards are useful since they provide a great amount of data storage that is required for a smartphone in a finger-sized chip. Some even exceed 512GB. The amount of information that it is capable of holding often results in users storing all their information on a single card. It sounds convenient, but it is extremely risky to store all the data on one card, since a failure of it can result in the loss of all your data. In the case where your SD card breaks or is corrupted, you could potentially lose all the data on it and recovering the material on it can be quite crucial.



SD cards are very helpful, but it comes along with a few risks. Android phones have been reported to have a lot of problems regarding SD cards. Although the memory stays safe, broken SD cards are found to be non-responsive. The data becomes inaccessible or can even be deleted by itself. Hence, there is a constant risk of losing your data and all the files you have stored on your phone. However, there are SD card recovery services to restore lost data.


Deleted data is usually the result of some damage that your card has incurred due to some conflicting applications which cause the data to either move or be deleted. Your SD card might be damaged due to a software issue on your phone or some external factors. Another issue persists when the connectors might be damaged or have eroded due to exposure to moisture. This happens over a period of time, although the data still remains on the card, you just don’t have the means to access it.


Your phone fails to read the data on the SD card due to a number of reasons like damage to the card, damage to the phone or a syncing program malfunction. The issue is generally resolved by restarting your phone. If the problem still persists you should take your phone and the SD card to a recovery service that can help you recover all the data on it with a professional expertise.


All data can be potentially recovered through softwares which exist with said professional recovery services. As long as the card isnt formatted by you, all the data can be retrieved.


Your phone suggests you to format your SD card when it starts to malfunction. It is advised not to do it. Formatting the card erases all the information present on it. It is wise to just consult an SD card recovery la service. It may happen that you might try to fix the SD card yourself and end up deleting all the data on your phone. It is better to leave recovery to professionals and not try it yourself if you arent an expert at it.