Precautions For Cosmetic Surgery


Cosmetic surgery – or any procedure that improves or changes your appearance – has begun to increase in popularity at a rapid pace. With the number of people using cosmetic or plastic surgery to better their appearance increasing day by day, the rise of surgical procedures done has increased exponentially. With advancements in medical technology moving in leaps and bounds in today’s society, complex procedures are quickly becoming easily available to the public – thereby increasing the popularity of cosmetic or plastic surgery.

Getting cosmetic surgery done – or any form of surgical treatment, for that matter – can be a risky procedure – noting the fact that complications may arise at any given time, either during the surgical procedure, or afterwards, during the healing procedure. Therefore, taking certain precautions would be advised – to make sure that the entire process moves smoothly.

One useful tip that you can follow – especially if you happen to experience some form of pain after the surgical procedure, which is common – is to start a regime of anti-inflammatory medication (as recommended by your surgeon or doctor), or to apply a cold compress to the inflamed area – which helps deal with the pain, and brings any swelling in the area down as well.


One precaution to take – especially when going for a face lift, or any other surgical operation that happens on your face, like a nose job, for example, it is recommended that you don’t wear any form of moisturizer or lotion onto your face. This is to prevent any allergies or infections. This precaution can be extended to cosmetics as well, and it is recommended that any cosmetic shouldn’t be worn, lest an infection occur. Make sure that the area of surgery is kept clean, and should be washed regularly.

Another tip to keep in mind is to stay indoors for the time being – as the ultraviolet rays of the sun can prove to be harmful to the stitches and to the surgical region – and applying sunscreen isn’t a useful substitute. Apply any antibiotic or ointment as per the surgeon or doctor’s recommendation once the sutures are removed.

Following a healthy diet is always a good recommendation and good advice to follow – especially because the medication you may be on because of the surgery may cause gastric problems – and if you have undergone facial surgery, you should stick to a liquid diet, or a diet that your doctor has recommended. Avoid certain substances, like alcohol or nicotine, as there is no way to predict how these substances will react with your medication. While on any form of medication it is advised to stay away from smoking or drinking, till the medication is fully out of your system.

One final tip is to stay in touch with your surgeon – to make sure that the diet you follow is a healthy one, to make sure that you’re following the right precautions and steps to ensure that the healing procedure is smooth and effortless.

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