6 Tips to Ensure You Eat Healthy When Eating at Indian Restaurants


India is a large country with a huge variety of culinary dishes. If you are a person who has never visited or lived in India, it would be tough for you to choose delicacies in an Indian Restaurant. There are so many things to choose from that you may end up ordering something that is not good for your health. Your inability to choose what’s good and what’s bad will end you up in a big turmoil. So, in this article, we will see 6 tips to ensure that you eat healthy when eating at Indian Restaurants.

Eating at Indian Restaurants

No Appetizers

When you see the Indian appetizers being served, you will obviously feel the call within you. They look so tasty that you will feel like eating those. But wait, Indian Appetizers, unlike American appetizers, are made of a lot of oil and therefore contain fat that you do not want to take before your main course. Indian appetizers are mostly fried and hence contain a lot of fat. Therefore, whenever you go to an Indian restaurant, stay away from the appetizers mostly.

Choose Healthy Meats

When it comes to meat, Indians have a huge arsenal prepared for you. Though people worldwide think that India is a vegetarian country with over 1/3rd of the country eating veg, most Indians do have a strong affinity for meat. It might be tempting for an outsider like you to be tempted by the huge variety of dishes available in the beef and red meat section. But, be aware of these dishes because they are made from clarified butter or ghee and spices, which are not healthy. Therefore, when you go to an Indian restaurant, be careful, and choose something from the seafood and chicken section.


Choose Vegetarian

As we said in the earlier point, about 1/3rd of the Indian’s eat veg; therefore, it is not uncommon that Indians will have a huge plethora of dishes in vegetarian too. Therefore, next time you go to an Indian Restaurant, go through the vegetarian section once. There are some really healthy and tasty vegetarian dishes in the dishes prepared by the Indian Restaurant. The spices are so given in the vegetarian dishes that you will actually feel like there’s meat in them. Choose dishes that have cauliflower, peas, and paneer involved.

Choose Better Bread

When it comes to bread, too, Indians have a lot of bread to choose from. But, you should choose from bread which is not fried, with clarified butter or ghee. Chapattis and naan, which are without butter, are better than eating parathas or Puri because they contain many fats.

Ask About Oil Content

Indian dishes are filled with oil. The oil used is different for different parts of India. Before ordering any dish, ask about which kind of oil is used in preparing the dish. If it uses coconut oil, then it is better to avoid that. The better option is vegetable or canola oils.

Eat Beans

Beans and lentils have many proteins, and therefore, it is healthy to eat them. Every Indian restaurant should have a huge number of items that use beans and lentils. Order these dishes.

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