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6 Simple Home Staging Tips for You

6 Simple Home Staging Tips for You

When putting your home on the market, having great aesthetic appeal can become a factor in getting that extra value. Factors like curb appeal, the interiors, and the lawn have become important for quicker sales. And with most homes now going the online way of selling, presenting your house in the best light possible is the way to go.

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However, not everyone has their homes designed by professional interior design firms. So, how can you make sure your home stands out from the rest? The trick is to invest some time in home staging. Quality home staging is not as time-consuming as people make it sound. You can expect some great results with a few simple tricks and a little effort.

Here are 6 of those tricks –

Add Mirrors

With mirrors, a room can appear bigger than it is. It adds space and helps to open up cramped areas. Get a simple and large mirror if you cannot get any expensive artwork or decorative items. It will automatically add a curated touch to the room.

Spice Up Your Windows

Remove the old window drapes and add something modern and simple. Heavy drapes that block a lot of light may be functional, but they are not the best option for looks. Like mirrors, modern and simple designs make the room feel bigger. Another thing is to hang the curtains from the roof wherever possible instead of the window frames.

Get Some White Towels

When it comes to the bathrooms, it gets a lot simpler. Use simple colors that would be attractive to a large audience. You may like the deep lavender shades, but not everyone is into it. Colors like white help to elevate the design and make it look professional. It makes the bathroom feel fresh and clean.

Change the Rugs

Rugs are one of those few items that instantly grab your attention when laid down in the wrong way. Get something that actually fits your room and goes along with your furniture. The front legs of your furniture should touch the rug. The rug binds together the whole aesthetic of the room.

Would you mind not making it Personal?

The main aim of home staging is to make the house look better without coming up as personal. You want to model the house to make it sell faster. It should be as neutral as possible. Everyone’s taste is different. Leave your personal touches on the items like photo frames, certificates, items with your name, etc. You want the prospective buyer to be able to imagine your house as their own.

Clean it Clean

Finally, clean everything. Every single bit. How can you expect someone else to do the same if you cannot live in a dirty home? Bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, living room, basement – do not leave any corner behind. After cleaning, the house does not smell like a detergent. Get some scented candles, or bake cookies to freshen up the aroma.

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