Property Survey and its Importance


A lot of research needs to be done before purchasing an investment that is as big as home. If you want to learn about every minute detail of the property you are going to buy, then the property survey is the first thing you need you do. If not done, then you can end up in trouble.

Property survey makes sure that the property you are buying is worth the amount of money that you are investing in the property. It is always advised to seek the help of a professional surveyor to settle the issues before they turn into a problem.

To help you understand the importance of a property survey in a better way, we are here with this article. Read on the article, to know.

  1. Establish boundary lines – The most reason behind land surveying is boundary lines. It is crucial to learn about the lines of occupancy and boundary lines before you build a fence. It will ascertain you that the boundary line is not built on the property of your neighbors and it will prevent you from future disputes. Getting the survey done will let you know whether the description of your property on legal documents is accurate or not.
  2. Existing improvements – Before purchasing any property, it is mandatory to know if it requires any improvement or not. Surveyors help you know what alterations and repairs are required in the property before owning it. You will also get to know if something violates the law or not. It includes height, dimensions, frontage, bulk, set-backs, building lines, and parking. This way, you will also be prevented from buying a property that violates certain laws.
  3. Identify easement access – Along with describing all the details of the property, land surveys also reveal any agreements that are registered in a title report. This covers any access next-door-neighbors have to easements or roads that adjoin two paths of land.
  4. Classify guidelines for zones – Every property is marked for a particular function. You may use a piece of land for commercial or residential purposes, but surveying services will let you know if there are any guidelines that needs to be followed while using the land.
  5. Encroachments are revealed – A professional land surveyor can tell you the area of any encroachments, such as a septic tank, structure, water well, or other location that extends entirely onto the land from an adjoining property. In the case of large and irregular shaped lots, these are very common and can cause serious problems to you in the future.

Keeping the above points in mind, make sure you hire a certified land surveying company. While hiring a land surveying company, keep this thing in mind that the cost of the survey can vary based on several factors such as the size of the land, location, terrain, and accessibility of the land.