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Top 3 Water Purifiers in India for Residential Use

Top 3 Water Purifiers in India for Residential Use

In India, a water purifier is no longer an appliance symbolizing luxury. It has become necessary in every household, whether in urban cities or rural areas. However, finding your home’s most suitable water cleaner is difficult. You may have encountered terms like RO, UV, UF, TDS, etc. These terms may sound very confusing, but you must understand them. Secondly, various products are under different brands with varying functionalities and usage. Therefore, it is essential to perform a water purification comparison before making a purchase. In this write-up, we have listed the details of the top 3 water purifiers that will clarify your understanding and help you make an informed decision.

Residential UseKent Pearl RO UV Mineral Water Purifier

Due to its double purification feature, Kent Pearl RO UV Mineral Water Purifier is a name to rely upon. Also backed by the TDS controller and the patented Mineral RO technology, the Kent Pearl water purifier ensures that you consume Water packed with all the essential minerals that increase your spirit. This water purifier removes harmful microorganisms and dissolved impurities from Water and is widely used in residential setups.



It is designed so you can either fix it on the wall or keep it on the kitchen counter, as per your need and convenience. The water purifiers have a transparent casing and a tank with an 8-liter water storing capacity with a level indicator.


Made with ABS plastic, the Kent Pearl RO UV Mineral Water Purifier is durable enough to survive the test of time. The push-fit component exclusive to Kent further guarantees leakage-proof performance, thus making it ideal for the kitchen or dining room. Other salient features of this water purifier are as follows-

· Comes with an inbuilt UV fail alarm and a filter change alarm

· Water is purified using UF, UV, and Mineral RO technology

· Equipped with auto-start and auto-off features

· High Power 11 Watt UV lamp to deactivate the harmful micro-organisms

Aquaguard Enhance RO UV Purifier

Combining the power of UV and RO purification, Aquaguard Enhance RO UV Purifier is an ideal choice for every Indian kitchen. It efficiently removes all types of germs and impurities from the Water. If the level of dissolved impurities and harmful salts is moderately high in your drinking water, opting for this water purifier from Aquaguard is recommended. The purification system removes the harmful bacteria and viruses that are the source of different water-borne diseases.


Install it on the wall or place it safely on the countertop; the choice is yours. With 7 liters of water storage capacity, it is ideal for a family with 5 to 6 members. The tank is made from a transparent material indicating the Water level.


The RO technology drives the machine against the suspended particles, while the UV technology ensures bacteria-free drinking water. The other highlighting features of this cleaner are:

· 20-minute boiling feature ensures complete protection against water-borne diseases

· Recommended for salty and brackish Water

· Dispenses safe drinking water and removes excessive minerals just in case the TDS level in the Water is very high.

Hindustan Unilever Pureit Ultima

In addition to the advanced six-stage purification system via RO and UV technology, the Hindustan Unilever Pureit Ultima is also backed by a TDS modulator. The TDS modulator adds minerals to the Water after the purification process, thus making the Water safe for drinking.


Non-toxic, food-grade materials have been used to create the body of the water purifier. This protects the machine and makes it last for a long time. The energy-grade plastic further makes it durable and eco-friendly.


Ensuring 100% water purification against dissolved salts, pesticides, and heavy metals are some other advanced features of the Pureit Ultima, and these are mentioned below:

· Comes with a purity indicator to indicate the quality of input and output water

· A digital advance alert system indicates the GermKill kit expiry

· When the GermKill kit expires, the RO protection lock stops the water outflow automatically.

· Up to 10 liters of Water can be stored at a time.

· Capability to change the hard Water TDS to 2000 ppm and make it soft for drinking.

Due to the deteriorating quality of Water supplied in our homes (through different sources), it is highly recommended to buy a water purifier. However, never decide to buy the water purifier in haste. Conduct a thorough water purifier comparison before ordering one. After all, your family’s health depends on it, and you want to ensure that the product you are purchasing benefits your family’s needs and keeps them safe from waterborne diseases.