Every couple has two extraordinary occasions on their mind, one is their wedding and the second is their honeymoon trip. They paint pictures of their honeymoon even before they are on it. The sun, the sand, both of them drenched and enveloping their bronzed bodies in a warm cocoon of honeymoon bliss is every couple’s fantasy. Who wouldn’t like to indulge themselves in a piece of warm-gooey chocolate cake or watching the night sky with the clink of a champagne glass? Everyone has their own kind of honeymoon fascination. After all, a honeymoon is a memory of a lifetime. However, like every plan, you need a proper method of execution. Similarly, for the right kind of honeymoon, you need the right travel agent and planning. Here is a roadmap to the right kind of honeymoon planning.



First, try to sort out your schedule; note how much time you have before building your honeymoon castles in the air. A far-flung destination not only burns a hole in your pocket but also needs additional time. Mostly honeymoons last a week or so; it is important to stick to a duration.


Marriage is an institution where two different individuals come together for a happily ever after. Each one has their own favorite destination to pick from; it is wise to sit with your partner and to think of a destination that will satisfy both of your needs. Identify your shared value system through the destination you choose for your honeymoon. You may choose the beach, mountains, an exotic destination, a hiking tour, a quiet romantic getaway, or it could even be a mix of everything. Sometimes most unthinkable pairs can work wonders. So choose your destination wisely.


Planning can maximize your honeymoon experience. It also helps you avail of major and early discounts and helps you look into any gap or trouble very early. If you want your honeymoon to go smoothly, it is sensible to plan it all. If your honeymoon is during the summers, then the luxury hotels have great offers during the summer months. It will also help you gather all the necessary documents to travel to another country, such as immunizations or health checkups, passports, and visas.


A good travel expert thinks it through; an expert is so used to conducting such trips that they think of the unimaginable even before you. They are aware of all the right hotels, restaurants, couple activities that are needed to give you a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon experience. They take political considerations in mind and take note of any sort of language barrier. Moreover, you have a limited budget, and every couple wants to stick by it. A good travel agent will always cut the coat according to your cloth.

Lastly, expert advice to all the couples out there for their honeymoon. Please do not leave for a honeymoon right after your wedding day as it can be very exhaustive. Give yourselves some time to relax and recover from the hectic wedding day. Once you have rested up for a bit, it will be time to leave everything behind and enjoy your first vacation as newlyweds!