Why digital distraction is not always a distraction?


The simplest reason behind the popularity of the digital world is that it allows easy access to information and lets people personalize their ways of interaction with close ones. Social media was initially used as an entertainment tool to take a break from academics. However, today, it has very well become a crucial part of the education system. Students are constantly exploring the educational aspects of social media using channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other sites that not many people know about. We can easily say that it has become ingrained in our society.


Students preparing for NEET, JEE, and other competitive exams have found many ways to use social media and other digital tools as a channel to gather/distribute knowledge and information. From taking help from social media pages of education-based sites to using online video lectures and mock tests offered by digital platforms like Aakash iTutor, students today are exploring as many internet-based educational resources as possible.


Digitization has made it easy for the students to have constant and quick access to all the relevant study material. With everything going online, now they can easily cross-refer to practically anything. For instance, with the help of Aakash iTutor, students can now have quick access (without an internet connection) to their study material with the help of a simple chip installed on their tablet or laptop. Also, instant access to lectures helps increase retention power.


It Helps Connect with Experts via Video Lectures

NEET is a highly competitive entrance exam that demands a high concentration level and a great study plan with powerful study material. Going digital would help students easily find a world of experts on different subjects on their laptops or tablets. Aakash iTutor is one such platform that allows the students to access recorded video lectures by expert Aakash faculty. This new-age learning system helps students access infinite information on different subjects from the comfort of their homes. Aakash iTutor program helps make preparation for NEET a little less daunting. With constant access to over 1500+ hours of video lectures, students start feeling confident about their preparation.

Allows Self-Paced Learning

A lot of students prefer preparing for competitive examinations from the comfort of their homes. They find it easier to learn things at their preferred pace rather than going with the speed of the faculty teaching in the classroom. Aakash iTutor is a blessing for such students. They can easily access high-quality, comprehensive e-books whenever they want, get an easy resolution to their doubts from Aakash experts, and learn from video lectures repeatedly. In addition, enrolling in this program will also give them easy access to the chapter tests prepared by expert Akash faculty. Chapter tests are great for self-evaluation.

Offline access to the Study Material

Coaching institutions close, faculties sleep, but the technology is always there. However unusual a student’s study schedule is, those who have gone the digital way always have easy access to their study material either on their tab, phone, or laptop/computer. And the best part about Aakash iTutor is that they don’t even require an internet connection with the USB and Tablet learning option.

Exchange of Information through Social Groups

Digitization and social media give students the power to create groups of people with shared aims and interests. The group participants can easily share information related to the subject being discussed and help others get closer to their aim.

The Bottom Line

When used carefully with determination, digital learning can prove to be an enormously useful tool rather than a distraction.