AOMEI Backupper 3.2: Never Lose Your Important Data Again


See if you can recall this happening to you: one morning, you turn on your computer and get the black screen with the error “Hard Disk Not Found.” What happens? Instant panic ensues. All your data, files, folders of music, movies, and pictures are all gone in a single sweep of fate. The sad truth is that we are still clingy to our hard drives. In 2016, none but the best high-end laptops were coming with sufficient solid-state memory to last long. Given that a hard disk will most certainly be part of your life soon, we recommend backing up your data before it goes out of your reach.

Now that we have decided to back up or data, it’s important to find the proper storage. Where do you back your data up? Well, you could do it the old school way with a CD or a DVD. But while they’re effective, they are also not fool-proof. Another alternative is to buy a pen drive or an external hard disk or even an SD card and back up your things there. Finally, if you don’t mind paying an annual subscription and have a fast enough internet connection, you can also back up your data to the cloud. The problem is that backing up can be hard work. It’s too much to ask to require you to update every day’s work with a latest version of your files and folders to a secondary storage device.

 Important Data Again

This is where AOMEI’s back upper comes in. With great simplicity of usage, it can help you perform many tasks on your disk to ensure that your files are safe.

Backing up entire operating systems

If a virus has hit your computer or you’ve accidentally corrupted a bunch of batch files during a hasty shutdown or startup, you may have to install a clean copy of the OS. Now, this could be a source of stress in a hasty work environment because you would have to start over and spend weeks struggling until your system is tweaked and set to exactly what you are comfortable with. With AOMEI backup per 3.2, you can quite easily back up Windows 10 to an external drive. Once your system is corrupt, your backed-up copy can be used by Windows to recover your OS.


Backing up Software

The software cannot always be downloaded and installed on a whim. There are classes of software that require putting up with a lot of struggle to get hold of, such as subscription software offered by your university or ERPs used by your workplace. To ensure you don’t lose these unfortunate events with your computer, you can always backup Windows 7 to an external source. AOMEI backup per 3.2 is a simple interface that creates an image of your software when you want it on. Then, once your device is corrupt, the assistant can be used in a Windows environment to store your data back.