Avoid the Following 9 Email Marketing Mistakes


As a small business owner, you must know how to market your information, products, or services. Avoiding email marketing mistakes is essential. Here are some things you can do to avoid those common mistakes and make your email list work as efficiently as possible.

Marketing Mistakes1. Create Your Email List

It might seem common sense that your email list can’t succeed if you don’t even have one. However, you would be amazed at the number of business owners who dismiss the idea of an email list entirely. Yet, almost everyone has an email address. So, collecting and using an email list is useful and essential.

2. Use Your Email List (Have an Actual Email Marketing Campaign)

Again, it might seem like common sense. Still, many small business owners accumulate a list of email addresses belonging to their business prospects and rarely or never actually send out any emails to those prospects. You must connect with your email subscribers regularly to build trust and create more sales. Therefore, having an email marketing plan in place and implementing it is better than having nothing but a list of contacts you aren’t using.


3. Give Readers a Reason to Join Your Email List

One of the most common mistakes in email marketing is when business owners create an online mailing list but don’t give anyone a reason to join it. Think about the emails you receive yourself each day from other businesses. Things that catch your eye, such as recipes, tips, coupons, and discounts, are likely to see your readers’ eyes. So, make it clear on your signup form that you will also be offering such things in your newsletter.

4. Collect Your Prospect Email Addresses

There are a lot of websites out there that offer email addresses for sale for marketing purposes. Many promise to help businesses build up their email marketing lists quickly and make more conversions immediately. However, sending out emails to people who never asked to be on your mailing list is a black hat tactic that can get you labeled a spammer. You will also have no guarantee that the email addresses you purchase are valid. That’s why it’s better to use white techniques to build your email list up, even if it takes longer.

5. Don’t Use Standard Email Services to Send Bulk Mailings

Another huge mistake you can easily avoid is sending bulk mailings through standard email services, such as Gmail. Many traditional email accounts don’t handle bulk mailings well. Some of them don’t allow bulk mailings at all. The solution is to get an email marketing company to send your mailings out. Many of them even offer free or inexpensive mailing services for those who own small businesses.

6. Have an Email Verification Process

It is more common than you might think for people to input false email addresses when signing up for online mailing lists. Some do it intentionally, while others make typos when writing their speech. By asking each of your subscribers to verify their email addresses, you can ensure that all addresses are valid.

7. Have an “Add Us to Your Contact List” Request

Both on your signup page and at the bottom of each email you send, have a reminder to your readers that they should add you to their contact list. That way, you can help to ensure that your emails don’t go straight into their spam folders. More visibility leads to more clicks, which leads to more sales conversions.

8. Follow Best Practices to Avoid Being a Spammer

It’s important always to follow the best practices for bulk mailing so that your readers do not label you a spammer. For example, each email should have a line at the bottom that reminds the reader of how they got on the mailing list. You should also include your company’s name, your address, and an unsubscribe button. Your email vendor can tell you about other current best standards.

9. Perform A/B Testing regularly

Last but certainly not least, remember that email marketing is a fluid industry that is always changing. The best way to keep up with trends is to do regular A/B testing on your templates to see how your email marketing campaign performs. You can test all sorts of statistics, such as the time of day that gets the most conversions, the best page position for your email list signup box, and whether your readers respond better to emails with or without images. If you fail to perform those tests regularly, you will commit one of the biggest email marketing mistakes.