6 Things That Can Hurt Your Website in 2016


As Internet technology continues to evolve, the way sites are created needs to evolve as well. Practices of yesteryear may not be the most conducive to your success in the near future. This means you’ll need to reconsider past methods of developing successful websites. While quality content is still king online, there are many things that contribute to reaching a target audience and retaining their attention.


Social Media Interaction

Experts believe that social media will continue to play an ever-increasing role for generating traffic to websites. If you don’t have a social page for your business or blog, now is the time to create one. An active social account linked to a professional website can be monumental when it comes to generating future site traffic.


Confusing Domain Names

Although social media, backlinks and other marketing techniques removes the use of a domain name from many visitors, it’s still an important piece of your site. When you buy domain names, you want to choose those that make sense while being easy for the layman to type in the browser. Names that are too long or use advanced words may simply be too much for the average Internet user.

Website Speed

The speed of the Internet in addition to fast mobile technology drives many to instant gratification. According to statistics, people will abandon a site if it takes longer than three seconds to load on a smartphone or tablet. This means that coding, server features and even images need to be addressed if you want to retain visitor interest in your site.

Too Many Plugins

Plugins for websites can offer a variety of fun and interesting features. Unfortunately, too many of them can take away from the user experience. A site that appears too cluttered with images, ads and tools can be confusing for the average online Joe. You don’t want people to become lost on your pages, especially when mobile devices try to arrange those additions on a smaller screen.

Not Enough Blogging

New content is important in search engine optimization. It gives your site materials, draws traffic and can play a role in developing an online reputation. Blogging will keep your site relevant in your market while giving search engines something to crawl. You don’t have to go too far into creating content, but a steady stream can do wonders for the visibility of the site. There is debate as to how much you should write, and it may center around what you’re trying to accomplish.

Localized Interest

You need to put effort into making sure your site reflects your location. For businesses that have a brick-and-mortar establishment, this could be vastly important. More people are using their smartphones in order to look for nearby products and services. Creating a site that emphasizes on your location can encourage walk-in customers as well as phone calls.

Many view website development as an art form. Unfortunately, this form of art is in constant development. As long as you’re able to keep your finger on the pulse of online trends, you can weather out the changes that happen over time. Never assume that you’re doing enough in order to maintain a successful website.