Elise Swopes Is a Child of the Internet


The fable-inspired photography of Elise Swopes has garnered her over 270,000 Instagram followers and the elite reputation of being a famous social media person. What began out of pure pleasure—combining nature with her love for cityscapes, mainly of her hometown of Chicago—has advanced into a complete-fledged career.


“Five years in the past, you could not inform me I was going to be getting asked to do any the stuff I do [now],” she says. In 2011, coming across her expertise with Instagram led the then-university pupil to leave school a semester early for a task in Japan.

Swopes’ capability to produce “surreal” photos together with her smartphone and cellular apps and right away proportion them online provided her opportunities to work with manufacturers like Adidas, Finish Line, Kellogs, and New Amsterdam, to call some. But as her fulfillment grows, the 28-yr-vintage remains grounded. “There’s in no way a second in which I’m like, ‘Okay, sure, I’m in it,’ because Instagram ought to go away the day after today.”

With the Federal Communications Commission’s recent repeal of internet neutrality, the destiny seems unsure for individuals who use the Internet to hook up with their audience. Helmed via FFC chairman Ajit Pai, the repeal implements more Internet-use regulations, with positive vendors capable of putting charges for getting into their competitors’ domains in force. While the total scale impact of the repeal has but to be seen, many are already combating lower back in whatever ways they can. In the face of this changing landscape, the nonprofit open-supply browser Mozilla Firefox recently launched its ultra-modern upgrade, Firefox Quantum, boasting a faster and safer Internet person experience.

 Elise Swopes

In partnership with Firefox, we later sat down with Elise in her hometown of Chicago to speak about the repercussions of repealing net neutrality, taking breaks as an artist, and its simple approach to being a “baby of the Internet.”


What approximately does the Internet conjure up you?

The Internet comes into play because we’ve got all this connection for any emotion we feel—unhappy, satisfied, [or] stimulated. I’m continuously searching [for] new facts. If I’m not feeling encouraged, I’ll likely be on Pinterest searching for different cool work. I might pass on and chat with buddies.

Is that why you call yourself “the child of the Internet?”

Growing up, college truly wasn’t my strong point. I was, on the whole, at ease being at a PC and figuring out matters myself.

So, what were younger Swopes looking for back in the day?

Anything that became social and allowed me to lay out my own space became something I was obsessed with. Little Swopes, when she used to head to high school, and they’d have other browsers downloaded on the computers, she might download Firefox because that became secure. It felt secure.

Safety should be a pinnacle priority when you have a variety of fans.

That area mil[lion] modifications you. I’m not going to say that it doesn’t. You consider who is seeing your paintings continually and how they may be taking it all in; however, this is the hazard you are taking with the Internet.

Safety precautions are a plus for me being someone who works on the Internet and has my data entered—now not just for my work, but [for] something… It feels proper to recognize that you’re secure and can browse privately and correctly.

It looks like paintings in no way stop for you. Does it assist that you may use Quantum’s library function to return to images after a hiatus?

I suppose it is truly critical to take a wreck as an artist. You can get so wrapped up in what you are doing. It’s cool to bookmark where you were and are available to return when you’re equipped.

You can now use Instagram on your desktop. How do you experience leaping from cellular to the Internet with the apps you operate regularly?

I became so used to doing everything on my cellphone, and I still am. I even have Firefox downloaded on my telephone. However, having the capability to examine Instagram on a browser has allowed me to get out of my smartphone and ensure that I also have my internet site prepared.

Followers can also get on your website quicker, right?


I’m all about ease, especially as a cell photographer and editor. I’m always figuring out how I could make it safer, too.

So, what does it suggest to you to preserve the Internet unfastened?

My whole base is the Internet. That’s where I connect to my enthusiasts; it is in which I connect with my circle of relatives. When I determined that Firefox become on the wave of internet neutrality and that they were know-how of its importance, that evolved, in reality, large for me. Supporting a now not-for-earnings helps our freedoms and our rights as Internet customers are huge. The hassle with our government [repealing] net neutrality is that this kind of massive organization is coming in, dominating what we can do on each day foundation [and potentially] making us pay for even checking our socials. It’s a few extreme shits.