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EMI RFI Shielding With PVD Coating

EMI RFI Shielding With PVD Coating

Digging deep into the meaning of EMI RFI shielding. You must be presuming that PVD coating is used for EMI RFI Shielding. PVD is the abbreviated form of physical vapor deposition. Its coatings or thin-film coating can bring quantifiable advantages to various parent materials used for EMI RFI shielding. It is quite simply put; it is the means to remove or lessen electromagnetic interference or common radio interference. Following the enormous growth of electronics products, both consumer and industrial, the company will assure safety and security using these devices.


Be it any field- military, aerospace, medical, or consumer-related; our lives hinge on electronics. Their effective failure, disturbance or damage, can have disastrous outcomes. Devices get smaller and smaller, minimizing the permissible paths of energy propagation. Workstations are getting faster and faster. The result is more and more interference. And that is why the need for electromagnetic protection is a growing concern.

The task is to come up with an effective solution. The solution to this is that we must reflect, transmit, filter or ground. That is attained by adding a conductive surface to the specific environment, so the wave of energy can be transmitted to another source. According to a fact called “Faraday Cage,” introduced by Michael Faraday says we can eradicate disruption or damage by offering a conductive enclosure. An innovative way of doing that is through thin-film coatings. They are strongly rigid and squashy and can be useful to various materials, in a variety of conductive coating material choices, like aluminum, copper, nickel, and chrome. In addition, these coating processes are environmentally friendly and yield no bi-products. That is particularly significant with the emerging RoHS, ELV, and WEEE Directives that affect protective coating, too. Furthermore, in your next product design necessitating EMI RFI shielding, go with PVD coating.


3G Shielding Specialties works side by side with customers as an extension of their design team. Having realized thousands of shielding solutions, 3G application engineers bring decades of specialized expertise and leverage an industry-wide perspective to solve unique RF/EMI/EMC challenges. An application engineer works with you to understand your requirements, recommend appropriate solutions, and provide detailed specifications and solid models for your review. Customers rely on 3G to reduce their engineering and design effort, focusing on other challenges, while 3G focuses on specifying and documenting a shielding solution that works. 3G Shielding Specialties is committed to providing exceptional lead times for prototypes and production quantities. From the first contact to prototype units on your bench, the execution time is measured in days for new applications. Standard, off-the-shelf parts and materials are usually shipped the same day. 3G supports large-volume production requirements with in-house stocking programs tailored to client needs. In support of JIT manufacturing, 3G ensures that raw materials are always in stock and available for fabrication and maintains the available capacity to respond effectively to time-sensitive demand. For more information, refer to their website- http://www.3gshielding.com/

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