Internet Tip of the Week: Retired or Re-treaded


Senior typically has the connotation of the older, denoting the older of people having identical names, as father and son. It can also suggest above others in rank or length of the carrier. We but have attached any other meaning with the aid of including the word citizen.


The term “senior citizen” has had an age connected to it. Usually, this title is bestowed at age sixty-two or 65, and a few stores may provide reductions or other privileges when you have reached that magic wide variety. AARP permits you to enroll at age 50. You can start collecting Social Security at sixty-two, and plenty of locations have mandatory retirement at age seventy-five. I discovered the term “senior citizen” but somewhat demeaning. It by hook or by crook means that someone is elderly and infirm.

Could you not get me incorrect? Some of the benefits connected are worth the name. But the majority I recognize in that age organization are not elderly and infirm. Most are vibrant and alive, and after retiring from their “world of work,” they are geared up for a brand new assignment. Some may additionally preserve as a consultant of their former line of labor, others may also pick out something completely unrelated, or a few may also choose to do nothing in any respect.

Some may be fortunate enough to have the financial wherewithal to travel and go to unique locations. Others may additionally take in a hobby. Those who pick out nothing at all will, maximum in all likelihood, join the small percent, aged and infirm.

Today, our Seniors have a possibility that preceding generations did no longer. The high-quality global of the internet affords something those who went before did not even dream about. It can vary from something as simplistic as an interest to a thrilling commercial enterprise.

You can travel vicariously to any location inside the international. We traveled to Spain some years ago, and believe it, or no longer, I learned more about what we saw there whilst we returned home and began gaining knowledge of things of a hobby we had seen on the web. If you’re making plans for a ride, you can discover places of interest to go to, make tour preparations, rent a vehicle, or find accommodations.


Are you a pissed-off creator? Why no longer does not forget writing as your interest. You can put up your work to masses of online Ezines, or in case you want, begin your very own.

 Tip of the Week

I realize a chap who has become constantly interested in publishing card accumulating.
Now he can not handiest pursue this interest. However, he has found many others online who have comparable interests. They have developed quite a collection of folks that alternate from side to side.

More than half of Americans over age 60 say that computer systems and the Internet make existence better for them. Now that many are retired, they have got the time to spend that they may now not have had when running. Many use the Internet to keep in contact with friends and relatives. Some, who stay ways aside, can truly save online at a local shop where their friend lives. It additionally gives the “snowbirds” an ideal way to preserve in contact.

However, if you usually desired your very own enterprise didn’t have the capital to make investments, the net would possibly provide that risk. You may begin your own enterprise for a modest investment and possibly exchange that hobby into a cash-making proposition.

Like any enterprise, you must use “due diligence” earlier than jumping in with each foot. There are plenty of getting rich brief scams on the internet, and many promise first-rate profits in a brief time. Most of these, just like the rip-off promising big earnings if you assist get tens of millions of greenbacks out of African united states, ought to be trashed with a click of your delete key.

I understand some other people whose interest is gardening. She grows herbs and markets numerous merchandise online. She has determined a spot business that can pay and is now has her personal networking site.


The ranks of the seniors are developing swiftly, and that fact isn’t always being not noted by a commercial enterprise. Many agencies are actively wooing this age institution. So, if you are retired or about to, use this super device not best to make your life richer but assist keep you young and colorful.

It is in no way too early to get worried or too overdue. If you’re handiest using minimal functions of your pc, why not amplify your horizons? You may be amazed at what you locate.