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New Technology To Watch In 2015

New Technology To Watch In 2015

Convenience, security, and mobility are usually at the forefront of several new products, and rightly, therefore. Here’s a look at several game-changing technology products that will impact how we all work and reside in 2015 and beyond.

Technology To Watch

1. Cicret Smart Bracelet

The Cicret (pronounced “secret”) bracelet (still in the prototype and opportunity capital funding phase) turns your forearm into a full-color, touch-sensitive smartphone display with an easy flick from the wrist.


Upon your skin, you may do anything you would perform on a smartphone or capsule, complete with swiping capability. It pairs orders to your phone via Bluetooth and will come with 16GB or 32GB of storage.

For secret agent wannabes, the free Android app is available now. It offers secure, fully private, and untraceable chatting, sharing, and information exchange. Only customers you give your ID can contact a person and vice versa; each connection with other Cicret users offers encryption. You may also store a text or audio file on your computer and get it back on your smartphone with Cicret.

Watch the promo video on Cicret. Com: consider using a beta version associated with the app on the search engines Play.

2. Mobile Payment Systems

Apple Pay, the mobile payment solution, was released in October. The contactless payment technology allows users to pay with their Apple iphone, Apple Watch, or iPad (Air 2 or mini 3)-no real wallet or bank cards are required. A person enters your credit plus debit card information into Passbook (you can also do sso from the iTunes account), which is securely stored there.

Stores and banks that accept this have contactless (no swiping) visitors at the counters/cashier stations. The particular iPhone 6 uses near industry communications (NFC)-hold the cell phone close to the contactless reader with your finger within the screen’s Touch IDENTIFICATION icon. Double-click the button next to the particular digital crown in the Apple Watch and hold the specific watch face near the contactless reader. You can also use Apple Pay within apps on iPhone 6 and the allowed iPads; choose Apple Pay to make your hand on Touch ID at checkout.

Apple Payout has some nifty built-in safety features to protect users. A distinctive Device Account Number (a “token”) is encrypted and securely kept in a dedicated chip on the particular device. Usually used to process your repayments, these numbers are never stored on Apple computers, so your data is secure. Furthermore, the Device Account Numbers shield your actual credit or debit card numbers from getting distributed to merchants or transmitted along with payment.

Transaction details are not stored either, so your obligations are private. Plus, you certainly do not have to show your data (name, card number, protection code) to cashiers as a person does when you use a credit card.

3. Connected Cars

Cars have become the ultimate mobile wireless device. Your devices can connect to automobiles through application interfaces, and vehicle manufacturers offer optional in-vehicle wi-fi routers. Some (including GENERAL MOTORS, Volvo, Nissan, Mercedes, and BMW) work on smartwatch-connected automobiles. The 2015 Hyundai Genesis will even be compatible with Google Cup.

GM plans to equip many 2015 Chevrolets with built-in OnStar 4G LTE that turns your Chevy into a wireless hot spot for your smartphone, tablet, laptop computer, or Apple Newton. Also, the appearance of apps and various radio stations streaming programs in cars.

All this onboard wireless technology offers interesting business applications. Mobile options such as those from AutoNet change the way people may work from the road to get:

Sales and mobile professionals — Improve productivity by filing reviews, scheduling meetings, and updating the car’s website information or real estate entries.

Truck/car fleets – Boost efficiency with inexpensive location tracking, nimbly reroute motorists to meet customer pickup demands or changes, set alerts intended for preventive maintenance, pull mobile period cards for drivers, plus much more.

Shuttle buses and rental cars — Reduce downtime for occupied passengers/customers and improve service. Linked vehicles let them get the latest news, shop online, update travel reservations, check out email, and transfer files.

First responders – Connected ambulances can transfer EKG readouts to hospitals plus get access to drug indices, emergency medicine physicians, or reaction guides.

Law enforcement – Officials can access secure web-based criminal offense databases. For more routine issues, wireless handheld ticketing devices may replace handwritten paper tickets.

Connected vehicles aren’t all work plus no play; additionally, they interface with Facebook, Spotify, Pandora, online content material, and portable gaming consoles.

4. Multi-Device Keyboards

Logitech’s Bluetooth Multi-Device Keypad K480 is platform-natural and can be used with up to three Bluetooth Wi-Fi devices (they must support exterior keyboards). Type on your PC, check social press on your tablet and react to a text on your smartphone- all from one keyboard.

The Easy-Switch dial allows users to toggle between three connected Wireless Bluetooth wireless devices. The integrated holder is ergonomically set to keep your phone or tablet from the right angle you should read while you type. It is inexpensive, lightweight, and great to travel or as a brand new docking station/keyboard to get to the office.

5. Mobile Printing

You’re already using your smartphone, notebook, or tablet to share or even work on files-now you may print from them using the particular HP 1200w Mobile Print Item for NFC-enabled devices. It links to your office’s USB port’s supported HP LaserJet, OfficeJet Mobile printers, and multi-function inkjet printers for wireless direct printing. They are secure since they bypass your system with a peer-to-peer connection, plus print files are sent using 128-bit encryption. You may also control entry to your printer. The inlay print functionality is available for Apple iOS, Samsung Android, plus Windows 8; customers must first download the HEWLETT PACKARD ePrint software for mobile products without built-in print support.

6. Mobile Gadget Management

In a BYOD world, securing mobile entry to company information is becoming ever more critical. Whether employees are utilizing their own or company-issued devices, IT supervisors must have a way to manage all of the users, devices, plus data from the central console.

To guard business data, a person needs to know who will connect to your information plus systems and from which gadget. Products such as MaaS360 supply the control and security businesses need to manage devices and mobile platforms with a genuine 360 view of who uses what, where, and how.

7. USB-drive cufflinks

Never appear to the presentation without USB backup along with these unique and stylish UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS cufflinks; each has 4GB associated with flash memory and a hidden USB connector. Pop open the particular cufflink and plug in your flash drive. Sending them because of a gift? You could have them imprinted for your favorite techy.

Looking to enhance your company’s on-site or cloud technology in 2015? Contact us for an appointment about your computing network, equipment, and software, or ask regarding our flat-rate managed IT solutions.

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