Top Five Tips to Upgrade Your Outdated Kitchen


If you have been living with your kitchen from several years now, there are chances that it looks worn and out of vogue. And while there is no point that you hate it, you may not be currently in love with it as it has lost its spark. In this case, you may either opt for quick add-ons and a few refreshes or plan a full-scale facelift, depending on what budget you have in your hand.

Of course, remodels are going to be expensive. But, you can make think of creating a major impact with little changes. If you are keen to know how then read below some tips and tricks and upgrade your old kitchen –

How to Modernize Your Outdated Kitchen |

  1. Install New Lighting Fixtures

Recessed lighting in your kitchens can look boring and not-so-stylish. So, in order to make a statement in the space, hang pendant lights. You can find beautiful and versatile pieces in hand-blown glasses or metallic finishes. The best thing is that you can buy them at a lesser cost and create an astounding focal point of the space without breaking the bank.

  1. Add Pattern with Wallpapers

A floral pattern or vintage-inspired rug can add immense personality to even dullest and the smallest of spaces. However, you do need to be careful of what kind of patterns or prints you pick to avoid any sort of chaos. If you are using wallpaper and rugs at the same time, try to buy the patterns that have a linking color and can complement each other well.

  1. Swap Old Hardware

Your old door pulls and cabinet knobs are a worthwhile and easy upgrade. Replacing them with new and modern ones can enhance the look and feel of your kitchen. But, you need to keep an eye on the price per piece because, when shopping for high-end hardware, the cost can quickly add up. So, there is no need to blow your money like crazy on them.

  1. Hang Wall Arts

Using artwork on kitchen walls is something that not everybody thinks of – it is unusual to display one’s art collection here. But, great interior designers recommend taking advantage of all that prime real estate walls and hang subtle pieces of art such as vintage landscapes and seascapes to bring color and sense of personalization in the space.

  1. Repaint or Reface Cabinets

If you see that your kitchen has an outdated finish, then you should probably think of giving it a fresh touch either by repainting or refacing the cabinets. In cabinet repainting, you can add any color of your choice and also play with textures. For cabinet refacing, you need to replace the cabinet skins i.e. the doors and drawer fronts and apply a whole new veneer over the existing surface of the cabinets. The good news is that you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on professionals for that; there are enough DIY cabinet refacing videos to guide you.