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5 Online Music Marketing Ideas – For Beginners

5 Online Music Marketing Ideas – For Beginners

For those of you who’re new to making a song and/or just beginning to reflect consideration on advertising considered one of your creations (a track in digital shape, a CD, an article, an e-book…), here are five music advertising thoughts that will let you maintain on target and in awareness as you increase your personal advertising method over time.

1. Watch & Learn


Before you begin to devise your path into marketing your paintings, take a few hours (maybe even longer) to search the net to view the music advertising thoughts of different singers. For example, you can see slender the sphere a little by entering the name of one among your favored singers into Google or Bing seek.

Then make notes about some of the locations that display up within the seek consequences. If your singer is even reasonably nicely established, you will probably see:

  • – A legit Website
  • – Facebook
  • – Wikipedia (for the better established)
  • – YouTube
  • – Twitter
  • – My Space
  • – iTunes
  • – CDBaby (if this is an Indi singer) and lots more.

These tools constitute just a few of the possibilities on the subject of advertising on the net. I propose you do a look for numerous singers you enjoy. And, if possible, search for at least one singer who information the form of song that you sing. See what that type of search yields. Jot down some of the locations that you know approximately. (Most folks have heard about YouTube.)

2. Choose several of this equipment that appeals to you.


I recommend which you do no longer pick extra than 3 at the beginning. Set them up to mirror the fashion, experience, and reason for your product. Do it carefully and with a terrific spirit. Try to keep away from quick, sloppy access into using any of these tools. (Sloppiness can come again to chew you on the nostril in the destiny!) Read approximately how you could use each tool completely. You will do that through the years – so take some time. Make some notes approximately things you can upload in the future.



3. Persist! And be as steady as viable.

Walk, do not run. Marketing for a maximum of us without a large budget is a trial and mistakes proposition. Over time, if you persist, you will find out which tune advertising ideas work nicely for you and your product(s). I discover that it, in reality, allows approaching advertising with a sense of a laugh.

If you like to take photos, you may discover many opportunities to use your own pics on the net. You can also make a pleasant video with the use of the most effective pix. For example, Animoto is an amusing manner to get began. Once you’ve got your photograph/video chops, you might need to transport onto growing your very own movies. Have a observe what humans are doing on YouTube. Think about how you can use that medium to show off your paintings.

4. Keep and/or broaden a “Powerful Sense Of Humor.”

Marketing your personal work takes a whole lot of time and endurance. You may also find that many things genuinely do now not give you the results you want. You may also shudder at the numbers of singers out there within the world and experience that you are adding yet every other small needle to a quickly developing haystack. You may also say to yourself, “Sheesh, why should I even bother?”

Musical existence is complete of those “AKKKK!!!” moments. If we can take care of them with humor, we’re more likely to live in the game! This is the time to tug out your “Powerful Sense Of Humor” and feature a perfect giggle.

I recollect being in this type of nation of frustration with some advertising project of mine that had taken plenty of money and time – and then went nowhere… That I almost threw my laptop out the window of a 28-tale lodge!

At that factor, my husband saved me from profound foolishness. He stated, “Let’s take a nice long walk!” Later, I thought how tremendous it turned into that something as simple as a stroll could definitely change my work’s feeling.

I laughed approximately my choice to ruin my beloved machine in that momentary kingdom of pique. (One that I have had to research over and over again, considering that time!) It turned into a lesson found out.

5. Stay True To Yourself

Use your marketing tools in a manner that displays who you’re. In my long enjoyment with advertising, I have understood that it is quality to be yourself. No one else can be you. If your marketing displays what you believe, the way you sense, what gets you mad or energizes you-you may be precise.

You might also locate that your specific style is not grabbing plenty of interest, to begin with. But maintain going. Try to do the whole thing a little higher all the time, but keep your eye on your real feeling approximately your work. Stay authentic to yourself!


Barbara Lewis began making a singing career at the age of seven, while she received a singing contest. Thus started a hit singing profession that has spanned over thirty years.

She has completed in Europe, the USA, and Canada, and is nice recognized for her songs, which she writes herself, that cope with subjects like freedom, love, and following one’s dreams.

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