What is Career Scope of Masters in Occupational Therapy?


Occupational Therapy is a noble profession which treats physically or neurologically disabled people and help them do the daily chores of life or any other physical, mental or creative activity across their lifespan without relying on any other person. This was a sort of bookish definition. To break it down to simple terms, occupational therapy is all about independence, which is the basic right of every individual. This therapy aims at making people independent so that they can live their life like all the other members of the society. For example, if a person has Cerebral Palsy, and it might be difficult for him/her to do the things which other people can do very easily, then an occupational therapist will help that person do those occupations and provide him/her with all the necessary things which is required to do those things independently without relying on someone.

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Pursuing Masters in Occupational Therapy is something which would be beneficial for both the person as well as people in general because though Occupational Therapists(OT) are increasing day by day but still there are far from what is required in terms of number. This field seems to have a really bright future in the coming years. And if we go by facts, Forbes listed Occupational Therapy as one of the most promising Job Landing professions.

Occupational Therapists can work in Hospitals, NGOs, rehabilitation centers and other public or private sectors depending upon the job prospects. They work as full time or part-time job and acquire a handsome salary for this amazing job. In most of the countries, job prospects for an individual with Masters in Occupational therapy is growing fast, and in some countries like the US it’s even faster than the national average. A skilled OT can make approximately equal or more than what a Physical Therapist makes. This profession will continue to be in demand for people who require treatment from disabilities or ailments like cerebral palsy, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, physical disability like loss of limb or old age.

If you go into details of this very profession then you’ll get to know that Occupational therapists observes, diagnoses, evaluates and teaches the patients in all the ways possible to get them stand for their own needs. He/ she looks after the patient’s improvement and observe what the future prospects of that person’s abilities are. An Occupational Therapist prescribes electronic equipments as per the patient’s needs, sees what works for the person with the disability, teach, empower and basically enable people to continue living like any other human in the society. While we take doing the daily chores of life for granted but for disabled people these things are a great deal and these therapists do an amazing job of training and enabling people to do them. Be it something as simple as helping a person to learn to brush his/her teeth to something as tough as preparing that same person for a professional life, a skilled occupational therapist does it all.

Some of the best institutions of the world provide Occupational theory courses of MSc on campus. There are over Thirty Institutions in the UK alone that offers two, three or four year courses. The range of work is fantastic. An OT can work in different settings. Like, they can work in a hospital, a school, a university, in a community of people or an equipment company .There are a lot of different areas of interest and employment for an OT. Apart from being a Therapist who actually deals with patients, one can also coach people professionally on how to become a successful occupational therapist. They can work as a practitioner or a researcher of for that matter even a manager.

This job can be really exhausting as well because of the constant requirement of moving the patient and the equipment. And sometimes they are also required to attend multiple appointments in a short span of time. But then that feeling of making people do what they are unable to because of some disability surely compensates the tiredness.

The profession of occupational therapist is basically enabling people to live their lives to the fullest with independence. It is a noble and respectable profession with a lot of scope in the in the present as well as in the time to come.