Your Guide to Working While you Vacation in Spain


If you’re a freelancer, or you can work anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection, you may be thinking about working while you’re on vacation. If you do decide to get some work done while you’re away, you may appreciate a few tips:

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Book a Villa Rather Than a Hotel

It’s a fact that Spanish villas are usually rather luxurious, and they can often be better than hotels if you plan to get a bit of work done. This is because you’ll likely have a lot more space to work in, and you’ll have the privacy you need to get things done.

Hotels can be lovely, but you will be limited to how much space you have, and other guests may disturb you as they walk down the corridor to their room.

Find Out How Much Internet Access you’ll Have

You’ll need access to the internet if you’re working online. Some places offer free WiFi, but you tend to be limited on how much you can use. If you have unlimited internet access on your phone, why not link your computer to your phone and hotspot it so you can use your free WiFi?

If you cannot hotspot your phone, you may want to ask the company that runs the villa or hotel if they can do you a deal on your WiFi.

Ask People not to Disturb you.

One of the best things you can do while working is to ensure you’re not disturbed. This is one of the things I had to point out to my brother, who would ring me every five minutes if he could. Don’t get me wrong, I love speaking with my brother, but I also have to work and meet deadlines. Tell your family or friends that you have to work and you would appreciate it if they left you to get on with it.

If you weren’t working from your villa, you’d probably be working in an office, and your friends and family are unlikely to disturb you there. Therefore, your friends and family shouldn’t bother you while you work on vacation unless it’s an emergency.

Set Time Aside to Work

I find I’m more productive between 7 am, and 9 am than at any other time of the day. These productivity hours are handy when I’m on vacation, as I tend to get a lot of work done. I set 2 hours aside in the morning to get some job done, and it’s something you might want to think about doing too.

Setting aside time to work will mean you’re more likely to get the work done. If you don’t give yourself a schedule, you may find that you’re getting behind with your work and may even feel less inclined to do any. Do yourself a favor, set time aside to work, and once it’s done, you can get on with enjoying your vacation.

Keep your Work as Stress-Free as Possible

No one likes to get stressed when they’re on vacation, but if work is a-calling, you may become stressed, especially if it takes a long time. One way to combat stress before it even rears its ugly head is to keep your work as basic as possible. This means checking and responding to a few emails, making a few calls, and delegating larger tasks to someone else.

Keeping work nice and stress-free means you’re more likely to get all of your jobs done, and you’re even more likely to enjoy your time in Spain.

Pick a Dedicated Work Area

Whenever I work while on vacation, I always pick a dedicated work area as it helps me to concentrate. This area typically has a door I can close, allowing me to get on with my job. Picking a dedicated work area is ideal if you send your travel companions an ‘I’m working now’ message. Sticking with that dedicated work area also tells your brain that you’re in work mode, allowing you to reply to those emails, make those calls and generally get everything done.

Leave your Work Phone Behind

When you’ve finished working for the day, you may want to think about turning your work phone off and leaving it behind. Taking your work phone may be too distracting, and you could be tempted to take calls and send emails when you should be spending time with your family.

If you use your regular phone as your work phone, then silence it or allow calls to go to voicemail. Trust me; you will feel better for ignoring those work-related calls.

Have a Day or Two Off

When people ask me how I work on vacation, I always tell them I have a day or two off work. We all need time away from work no matter where we are, especially if we’re working while on vacation. Have a day or two off so you can relax and enjoy yourself. Taking time off will also help you feel more focused when you get back to work.

While not everyone has to work on vacation, some of us do. However, as dreadful as working while you’re in Spain may seem, if you schedule when you’re going to work and stick to that schedule, you may find it all quite manageable. This will allow you to enjoy your Spanish vacation in the sun, and there isn’t anything better.